Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Wine Down Wrap Up

The Wine Down was fun. It was held, once again, at the Depot in Stillwater. Everyone had a great time. There was a silent auction, live music, heavy appetizers, and of course, wine. I found a yummy new dessert wine from the Stillwater winery. I also pulled 3 bottles of wine at the wine pull. I pulled my favorite, a Riesling, off the bat but then pulled a red I was able to trade for a nice white. My last pull garnered another nice white. Score! If you want to see what kind of evening we had, click my Flickr badge to see the shots I took.

I didn't do a thing yesterday but go to the Wine Down. Today was a totally different story. I got up and got all our tax info together for our tax guy. I called him and he said I could bring it all by this afternoon, which I did on my way to the library. I dropped off my latest stack of books and then drove to the laundromat. For some reason, it was not very busy today. I did 6 loads which kind of freaked me out. Usually I do 4. While the clothes were washing I ran to Target to get some stuff we needed. I LOVE Target. Where else can you get a can of WD40, a roll of packaging tape, a bag of potatoes, and a bottle of cooking sherry all at once?

I drove back to the laundromat in time to change my clothes to the dryer and then I ran 2 more errands. I was able to fold all our laundry in a half hour and then it was back home to put it away.

I used the WD40 on the rusted screws on my car's front license plate. It worked except one of the screws busted in half. I got the new plate on but it's only being held by one screw. Hope it holds. I also need a new front headlight so maybe when I get that put in, I can ask about securing the plate.

Though I had been busy, I wasn't done yet. I started cleaning our apartment at 4. This was no surface cleaning either. I've been feeling peckish and closed in and usually a good clean or purge of stuff makes me feel better. I cleaned and cleaned for four hours. We only live in less than 1200 square feet so you know I was a cleaning machine. I feel so much better now. I still have a niggling antsy-ness that will only really go away once I get my butt in gear and purge some of the crap we've been holding on to for the past year. Gah!

I forgot to mention that while at the Wine Down I found out that 4 of the MDA staff are pregnant and all due this summer. What is in the water that everyone but me seems to be getting knocked up? Bob and I did talk about the possibility of adopting with in the next year. It's not something we are doing anything serious about right now but Bob wants to think/pray about it for a couple of months before revisiting the topic.

I came up with what I think might be a good way to get started with my photography business. I can't really talk about it here yet but I'll let you know what it is and how it goes as we get closer to Spring. If it works here, it will pretty much work anywhere and having a portable business will be nice if and when we move.

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