Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hoping, Not Hoping, Hoping Again

How do you get your co-workers to stop clipping their nails at work?  When I first started working here almost 4 years ago, I was one of many women working with one or two men.  We had a genial agreement NOT to do personal grooming at work including the clipping of nails, brushing of teeth/hair, and tweezing of hair.  (If one MUST do any of the aforementioned, they could do it in the relative privacy of the bathrooms.)  Now, however, I am one of 4 women working in a sea (about 10) men and those men clip their nails.  All. The. Time.  Arg!  And they don’t care if it bugs us.  In fact, it seems to spur them on to do it more and louder if they think it will bug us.  This is the height of rudeness, I think and it does drive me crazy.  (Not as much as seeing someone stick their finger in their bellybutton USED to ook me out, but close.)  Any suggestions on how to ask nicely for a moratorium on the clipping of nails in the cube farm?

More on insemination.  Is it wrong that I am excited to actually get my period this month?  Once its done, its only about a week to the ultrasound and then a day or two or three to insemination.  I know its not likely that it will work the first time out, but I can hope, cant I?  In fact, all of this has given me a new lease on hope.  Its been so long since Ive allowed myself to hope and it feels good to be able to do it again.  However, given the research Ive studies, maybe I shouldnt be so hopeful after all since success rates for the intracervical insemination treatment are in the region of 5-10% per treatment cycle. However, I was told that women with healthy fallopian tubes and who ovulate regularly have a high chance of getting and staying pregnant.  We do not that I have healthy tubes and ovulate regularly so this is good news.  See?  I cant help but be hopeful.

In doing further research, I found that the drug they can inject me with to speed ovulation is called hCG and the administration helps the follicles to burst and release the eggs about 36-48 hours after the hormone is given. It is usually injected when the lead follicle measures 18mm or more.  About two weeks after insemination, a pregnancy test is performed. In the happy event that this is positive, an ultrasound scan is arranged 3-4 weeks later, to check the number, site and viability of pregnancy.

Bob and I might be looking at a house this weekend.  I happened to stumble upon a modified handicapped accessible house for sale in our area for well under $200,000.  We called the realtor and he was going to call the family to see if we could set up something for this weekend.  So, we shall see.  Its an older 2-story with 4 bedrooms that might be either charming or horrific depending upon the current residents care of the home.


Zen Master said...


I would have e-mailed you instead of putting it up here if I knew your address but anyway I know we don't live in the same state, but my husband and I have been considering AI and we are too afraid to call and find out the costs.

If you don't mind what is the ball park figure for these procedures? I've tried to find it online but there's never really anything on there.

My husband is a quadriplegic and he will need to have the sperm retrieval done so I know it will be a different price but I'm just wondering around how much it costs.

Good luck on your journey. I'm praying for you.


renovatingme said...

Hi Amy - I have been through 15 AI cycles. Getting pregnant is not easy - even thoughs who get pregnant without assistance (the old fashioned way) only have a 25% chance each month under perfect conditions.

So please don't be so hard on yourself.

I have been in this arena for the past 20+ years. If you need any help or support please let me know.

Hugs, Marna