Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sober Today

Sadness all around today.  First, it was announced on my favorite morning show that the hosts’ eldest son suffered some kind of serious seizure overnight Monday into Tuesday.  While he’s fine now, there will be tests because this is a first in his 14 years.  Then, it was announced that the host of my mid-morning show has breast cancer and will have to have a mastectomy and will be out for a while to recuperate.  Finally, as I was reading through my favorite journal/blogs, I read that Coppertop’s beloved Belgium Rowan died last night.  Sigh.  All of a sudden things come along to make you realize that life is fleeting and temporary and that there is little you can do to stop it or slow it down. 

As I look at the calendar, I realize that I am within spitting distance of starting school again.  I downloaded my class syllabus and see that I already have homework due on the first night of class.  I know what I’ll be doing this weekend…homework.  And so it begins again.  Thankfully, my classes are on Thursdays which means I can get a jump on all my homework that very weekend and then tweak as I need to over the week before class starts again.  I am nervous.  This is the class that I attended twice before leaving the program last year.  I can feel some of that old anxiety surfacing as I read through the syllabus.  It has nothing to do with the class or the homework and everything to do with the fear and anxiety I was struggling through last year.  It’s all coming up to the surface again and I just need to remember that I have dealt with that stuff and it is in the past and done with.  I can do this.  I got through the majority of my schooling just fine.  I just have 5 more classes and then I’m done.  I CAN do this.

My boss and another co-worker are in a class today.  A new co-worker just came to my cube to ask me if I received a fax on a distribution yesterday.  Now, whenever we receive a fax in regards to anything other than a deposit, I distribute the fax via email to the intended person/party and then delete it from my file.  As I am informing the new co-worker that the fax would have been forwarded to the other co-worker and I no longer have access to it, his boss comes barreling down the aisle to inform me that I MUST have access to it.  When I insisted that I didn’t, he gets in my face and says that telling the customer that it’s not available is not an option and we must change procedures in order to insure direct access to all faxes all the time.  OK.  I asked him if it’s possible to just have the banker refax it so I can be sure we received it and then I can forward it on to my other co-worker.  I guess that was OK because that is what we ended up doing.  Sheesh.

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Gael said...

That Kevyn Burger news is really sad, isn't it? She seems really strong, I'm rooting for her. I'll follow her new blog, too.