Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Not pregnant but learning about insemination

I actually thought I might be pregnant but I dont think I am.  Every morning for 5 mornings, I took my basal temperature and each morning was higher/warmer than the morning preceding.  Until this morning.  Also, my boobs were sore and tender for a few days, but when I think back, I realized that they usually are sore and tender a few days between ovulation and menstruation.  So it doesnt look good for pregnancy in May.  I actually really thought May would be THE month.

However, all is not lost.  Today is our first insemination consultation.  At first I thought Bob would put the kibosh on it but he forgot all about it and you cant cancel the appointment unless you give 24 hours notice. (Well you can, but they still charge you a co-pay so you might as well just go.)  Im not sure what todays appointment entails, but I will be back to update here later.  The appointment is at 3:30 so I get to leave work at 3 today.

Bob seems to be doing a bit better on the children front and has not made the sweeping, We cant have kids until…” statements he was making last week.  They were not focusing on any specific plans. He just made these grand, sweeping statements about never having kids untilfill in the blank with your favorite sweeping statement.  I think he came to realize that if we waited for the things he was saying to come to pass, we would either NEVER have kids or we might FINALLY be ready by the time we hit our retirement years.  Im not exactly sure what hes going through, but I find a lot of patience and some well thought out questions go a long way to make him feel better.

I was able to get all our flowers planted over the weekend.  Now both patios have flowers.  However, the west facing patio is what I consider our garden.  It has the most flowers/planters and is where Bob and I tend to hang out when we want to be outside.  I planted geraniums, vincas, dianthus, phlox, alyssum, snap dragons, gerbera daisies, and morning glories.  The other patio has one railing flower box with impatiens and something else.  There is also a hanging flower pot full of small purple flowers of whose name I cant remember.   I rolled chicken wire across the railings and now the cats have two nice places to hang out on nice summer days.  They LOVE the west balcony because of the sun.  However the north balcony has a bird feeder so they like the activity going on there.  We dont let them out unsupervised so the bird feeding activity goes down noticeably when we are out there, which is good.  We like our fine feathered friends and dont want our cats to harm them in any way.

This weekend I am going to wash our windows and get my bike ready to ride.  We also will be celebrating Bobs oldest brothers 50th birthday.  Other than that, not much else is planned for our Memorial Day weekend.  How about you?  What plans do you have for the long holiday weekend?

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