Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend Bulleted Update

The weekend was good.  It went by altogether too quickly but it was good overall.  Here are the bullet points to cover the highlights.


·       Watched “The Holiday” on pay per view.  I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish. Would watch it again.

·       Drove an elderly man home from the local gas station after it became apparent his car was in fact not repaired as it should have been.

·       Finished a Janet Evanovich Plum novelette…boy those things are fast reads.

·       Noticed upper left molar hurt after chomping down on a bone fragment found in what was supposed to be ground beef.


·       Made a ham for party later on.

·       Ran to grocery store.

·       Loaded up on ibuprofen to fend off throbbing ache of aforementioned tooth.

·       Left for party, realized we forgot 3 key things so turned around and went home and THEN had to stop for gas ($3.19)

·       Partied hardy with Bob’s family.  Held 6 week old baby and 15 month old toddler.  Had great fun.

·       Got home from party and saw someone had thrown away a purrfectly good cat tree/furniture thing.

·       Snagged cat tree/furniture thing and began the cleaning process which involved

o       Combing all hair off of surface

o       Vacuuming entire thing 3 times to ensure all hair has been removed

o       Spraying thing down with bleach solution

o       Spraying thing down with Fabreeze

o       Leaving thing outside for 3 days to ensure sun dries the solutions and wind picks up smells and carries them away

·       Uploaded, Photoshopped, and stored on shared site all the photos I took at party.


·       Went to church with Bob.

·       Came home and did stuff with Bob.

·       Made lunch.

·       Ran to Target to get a gift card.

·       Ran to grocery store to get soup/soft food as tooth still hurt.

·       Called dentist at home to see what he suggested (Possible infection so he called in RX for antibiotic).

·       Took more Advil that one human should be allowed to take by law (and probably is).

·       Went to bed


·       Slept in.

·       Woke up with monthly friend.

·       Took another boatload of Advil because tooth still hurt and now cramps were kicking in.

·       Made pancakes and coffee for breakfast.  (tooth still hurts)

·       Fooled around on the computer.

·       Picked up RX and had to take 4 right away.  Took’em.

·       Picked up some boxed lunches at KFC for a little Memorial Day picnic.

·       Drove to Nicollet Island to enjoy boxed lunches and the scenic river way.

·       Walked the Mississippi Mile. (Seemed like 4 miles.  Left the island, walked the Hennepin Ave bridge to the other side of the river. Walked that to the stone arch bridge.  Walked that to University.  Walked that to Hennepin back to the island.

·       Got GIANT blisters on the balls of both feet.

·       Drove to Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream to make up for the walking and blisters. (I got raspberry chocolate chip on a home made chocolate dipped cone and Bob got a chocolate shake.)  Yum!

·       Drove home and put my feet up.

·       Uploaded photos I took from our walk. (Check’em out on Flickr.)

·       Took antibiotics.

Today I went to see an endodontist who said my tooth looks fine but I probably bit down too hard and fast on that bone fragment and bruised the area around the tooth.  She said to baby it, keep taking the Advil and antibiotics and she’ll look at it in two weeks.  $100 bucks for her to tell me there is nothing she can do.  That’s OK I guess.  I just feel like one big walking wound today.  What with the giant blisters I lanced this morning, the tooth thing, and cramps, I feel as if I’m falling apart.

I also made the appointment for my first FUS.  It’s for Wednesday, June 6th.  Then on Thursday, June 7th, I start the first of my last 5 classes.  Man that went fast!  I can’t believe it’s here already.  June to November and then on to Graduation!  June is shaping up to be an exciting month!

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Dawn said...

Ooh-- pictures!!! Thanks for sharing; I always enjoy looking at your pictures. You're a rather gifted photographer. I really liked the one you took of those ruins. Is there a story about them?