Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So it begins

Bob and I met with Cindy, our nurse practitioner at the fertility clinic last night.  We each had to give a blood and urine sample and then we met with Cindy to talk about our options and the procedure.  We are going ahead with the insemination and are going to try not using drugs to start with.

Here’s the low down on how it will go down; I will get my period and then on day 11, I will call the clinic to schedule what they call a FUS.  This is when they use a vaginal ultrasound wand to check the condition of my follicles (ovulating egg).  I may have to go in a couple of days in a row.  Once they determine I’m at optimal ovulation, Bob will go in and give them a sample.  They will spin it down and “wash” it in a process that takes two hours.  Once it’s ready, it will be inserted into me via catheter and then we wait.

Other things that might happen, I might have to have a shot of something…I can’t remember what it’s called right now.  But it helps to get the ovulation going.  Also, if it’s determined that my uterine lining is thin or not strong enough for the embryo to implant; I will get shots of progesterone to help that along.

If all of this doesn’t work, then we move to Clomid for a little help.  We are pretty sure we would stop there, but in looking at the baby bulletin board, I see photos of singletons and twins.  There might have been one photo of triplets.  I asked Cindy if they have had a woman give birth to multiples beyond 3 and she said not yet.  That might mean women have used selective reduction (which we wouldn’t use) or they have just been lucky.  As we walked out, I pointed out to Bob that the clinic has not had a woman give birth to a litter of babies.  He said, “And I don’t want you to be the first.”  So that’s that.   

We are kind of flying blind in a way because I’ve never been pregnant before.  There are women who have no problem getting pregnant but instead have difficulty staying pregnant.  We don’t know if I can sustain a pregnancy or not.  Who knows if I would have met and married Bob at a much younger age if any of this would be an issue.  Cindy kept referring to my advanced maternal age. THAT will make you feel old before your time.  I still feel like a 19 year old kid in my heart.  Too bad my eggs, ovaries, and uterus aren’t still part of that 19 year old kid feeling.  Here’s to hoping it all works like it’s supposed to!


jnn said...

Maybe this - -> will give you hope.....

Mary said...

Don't let the advanced maternal age thing get you down too much. That's just a medical term they use once you're past 35. I was 36 when I had my last, and you'd have thought I'd aged 100 years, the way they treated me. And everything went just fine.