Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just Fine

Well, the D & C went well. I came out of the anesthesia a lot better this time and only felt a little bit crampy. The doc said I only had one polyp but that it was rather large and was growing (sitting?) in the exact place a fertilized egg would want to implant so it's likely this could be the cause of our inability to get pregnant. We shall see as we move forward.

I got home and was still kind of tired and loopy so I went to bed and read until I fell asleep. But then at bed time I couldn't fall asleep at all. It was well after 3 before I fell asleep. I awoke around 10 groggy and mysteriously achy and sore. I wonder if the soreness is residual bike riding soreness or if this is a symptom of coming off the anesthesia. Oh and my throat hurts from having the breathing tube inserted. Hate.

I'm off today but back into the swing of things tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my last day of my Final Presentations class and I have to present my final presentation. I'm not too worried but I do need to jazz up my power point slides a little based on the feed back I received last week. We were supposed to invited friends and loved ones to this and I have but so far only Bob has responded in the affirmative. Oh well. I don't mind just presenting to my classmates and their families.

For some reason I have a bug in my bonnet about wanting to kayak the chain of lakes. I looked up kayak rentals in the Twin Cities and found one on Lake Calhoun. I am hoping to get down there on Saturday if the weather is nice. I am more excited about this than I can even explain. It's like I am craving kayaking and won't be satisfied until that craving is fulfilled. Man, I can't wait until Saturday.


Dawn said...

Hey-- I was thinking about you last night. Was that bridge anywhere near you? Give us a shout and let us know you're okay!

farmerbarb said...

Hey Amy - just checking in to make sure you didn't go down with the bridge. Hope all is well.