Saturday, June 30, 2007

Losing Weight

I knew it has been a couple of days but Yvonne's comment prompted me to check back and I didn't realize I haven't written anything since Monday. Yipes.

Well, there have been changes afoot.

We are now NOT going on vacation to Seattle. At all. While this bums us out a bit, we are OK with it. This is the year of the pregnancy and to that end we will be working. Plus with all the time off I've been taking for medical things, it is getting a little too close for comfort on having time off for vacation too. Thankfully, we had not gotten to the point where we bought plane tickets or rental cars. Whew! I actually feel lighter now that the decision's been made.

Speaking of medical things. I have scheduled my D & C for Tuesday, July 10th. I will be undergoing that and a hystogram at the same time. The D & C is where they will scrape out my uterus and the other thing is where they put a teeny little camera up my hoohaw to see what else might be invading that nice warm space. Once all of this nonsense is complete. we will begin round 2 of insemination in August. Yay. I should have the cleanest feminines parts in all the land.

I finished my first class back to school. One down and four more to go. I don't have class again until July 12th (post D & C) so I get a nice break from homework over the fourth of July week. It will be interesting to see how my grades differ after my year long break as opposed to before. Before the break they were all As and Bs and I worked hard to get them. Now I am still working hard but I'm not as fanatical and would not be opposed to a C thrown in the mix. My goal is to finish and if I finish well, so much the better. Still, I will not kill myself and agonize over every assignment and project like I did in the past. Go me. My next class is on professional presentations which should be OK. The class I'm really dreading is the next to the last one on research methodology. It's supposed to be a killer.

Today is my G'ma's 85th birthday bash. My whole family is in town for this and I will be spending what looks to be a lovely MN day with them. I took yesterday off and spent it with my mom. I am glad I did. We met up after my pre-op check up and just went bumming. At her suggestion we went to Ikea. I haven't been to the one here since it opened and we picked a good day to go. It wasn't insanely busy and there was a lot of stuff marked down. I bought some plastic plates, bowls, and utensils for Bob and Mom got some vases and a cutting board.

After Ikea, we went to lunch at Chevy's, a favorite of mine. Then I suggested we drive around and see some of the old neighborhood from about 30 years ago when we lived in St. Paul as a family. Our old house is really ghetto-y and run down. It was a shame to see it so.

When we got back to where I live now, we stopped at The Great Estate Sale and Mom picked up some more vases. I would have liked to have picked up this great chaise chair and an old antique cabinet but I didn't have $5,000.

Back at our place, Mom checked her email while I fed the cats, watered the flowers, and checked on Bob. Dad met up with us later and we all went out to dinner (our treat since it was my dad's birthday on Thursday). Overall it was a good day and a good way to spend the day.

It's weird but I thought I would be more upset about not getting to go to Seattle than I am. What's weirder still is that I was actually quite anxious about it and once it was settled that we were NOT going, a HUGE weight lifted off me and I feel really light and settled now. I guess that means we weren't meant to go. Not this year anyway. Since our sixth anniversary falls on a Saturday we might take the Friday before and go away for a longer weekend. Maybe to where we honeymooned up near Grand Rapids. It's beautiful there in the fall.


Gael said...

Where in St. Paul did you live? My parents grew up in Frogtown which is about as ghettoey now as St. Paul gets, but was better then.

Yvonne said...

Sounds like a good day with your parents. I hope the party went well.