Friday, August 01, 2008

Five Years

So today marks my 5th anniversary at BigBankCo.  In the past, this would entail a small celebration with a little bit of recognition, some cake, and a pin or some such thing.  Today?  I’m buying my own ice cream cake to share.  ALTHOUGH, 3 of my favoritist co-workers caught wind of my plan and gave me money towards the purchase of said cake.  That was nice and surprising and though a small gesture, it made my day.

What did NOT make my day was a big wig calling various and sundry co-workers from the midst of maternity leave and asking them if they would PLEASE consider attending our office outing on Monday.  See, in an effort to appear as if our department is unified and plays well together, an outing to a St. Paul Saints game was planned for Monday evening.  For the first time ever (in 5 years) I RSVPd my regrets.  Since things have been so unpleasant at work lately I didn’t see a need to prolong the agony even at a fun event like a Saints game.  Rumor has it that so many people declined the invitation that now the powers that be suggested to those who are going that they can bring a loved one as well.  Apparently attendance is still such that now calls are being made in an attempt to personally invite certain individuals to attend the game.  Was a call placed to me?  Oh no.  It is apparent that I am not part of the “in-crowd” and it is not important that I attend.  Oh, and it wasn’t just me.  There were others that were not called either.  Only certain people were called and invited.  This goes a long way in showing that I do not work in a mature business department intent in growing and seeing the growth, maturity, development and cohesiveness of its staff.  I work in a jr. high school lunch room.

Tomorrow I am going to an open house for a local technical college in order to gather info about their digital photography program.  Maybe there will be a more affordable option offered at this school that will fit better into our budget and lifestyle.  At this point I would just like to throw my all into this photography thing.

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