Monday, August 11, 2008

Who Wouldn't Want to be a Millionaire?

Bob just called me from a local casino.  He went down there early this morning to try out for Who Wants to be a Millionaire?.  He didn’t make it to the show though.  He said they passed out a test of sorts and he must not have done very well on the test because next thing he knew, they were thanking him and sending him on his way.  They did give him a t-shirt which they didn’t give to everyone, so that’s nice.  He said the casino gave everyone $10 to play with AND the buffet lunch is free for all people trying out for the show.  So he gets a nice hot lunch before leaving the premises. Not bad for a morning’s play.  It’s kind of a bummer that he didn’t make it to the show.  He would have been AWESOME on that show.  He said he did do a lot of book networking while waiting in line.  He handed out a bunch of cards and recited some poems.  We hope it goes a long way to get people interested in buying his book.

I can’t believe this weekend is over already.  I can’t see where all my time went.  Friday night we went to a wedding reception for some long-time friends of Bob.  I only knew the groom, his brother, the bride, and the mother of the bride.  Bob seemed to know EVERYONE.  I took a bunch of pictures, I held the most adorable baby in the world, and I had a couple of drinks.  Bob seemed to have a good time and enjoyed seeing some folks he hasn’t seen in a good long time.

Saturday escapes me.  I know I went to Sam’s and I know I drove some flowers to a friend’s house for her birthday and that’s…really all.  Oh!  I did a little grocery shopping and we grilled out for dinner.  OH!  And I got an awesome floor cleaner from Sam’s.  It’s called the Electrolux Pronto.  Essentially it’s a dustbuster for your kitchen floor.  I use it to suck up the stray kitty litter tracked through the kitchen by our cats.  It also has a handheld dustbuster attached for quick clean up of messes not on the kitchen floor.  It’s a great little appliance.  The cats don’t like it so much but I LOVE it!

I got up early on Sunday and cleaned the cat boxes, kitchen (I used my new Pronto!), and living room. I vacuumed and did some spot cleaning on our awful carpet (I wish I could rip it all up and install laminate flooring), and I tended our neglected patio garden.  I watered and watered and watered.  Then I picked dead leaves and buds off all the plants and rewound the vines that had wound themselves around my flowers. Our morning glories still haven’t bloomed but the vines are going crazy.  The rest of the day I worked on some stuff for Bob and the book, watched the Olympics, and grilled out pizza…so good. (grill the dough first then add the toppings and grill until cheese is melted.  It’s got to be really hot and you have to close the lid to ensure cheese melts quickly and evenly)

I’m so bummed I missed the opening ceremony for the Olympics.  The wedding reception we went to was at a local VFW but they didn’t have a TV at the bar or I would have stationed myself in front of it for the entirety of the opening ceremony. I’ve seen some bits and pieces of the pageantry while watching certain parts of the games and I am awed by every part of it.  Anyone know if there is a place online where I can watch the full opening ceremony? 

So, in other events and happenings, I’m on track to attend the technical school.  My first day of classes is Monday, August 25th!  So far I am signed up for 3 classes and I’m still waiting for someone to drop out of the full class I want to add to my schedule.  So far I have class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights and if I get into my 4th class, I will be in class Monday through Thursday night from the end of August to December.  I received my financial aid award and it’s nothing at all but will pay for my classes, my books, my supplies and MAYBE have enough left to get a new Macbook.  The 3 classes I’ve registered for cost less than $1,000 including all my fees and taxes.  Now I just need to get my books and my student ID (and Macbook…and software).

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jnn said...

Check the Apple website. They may heve discounts/student pricing available on Macs.