Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's Time

I contacted a local temporary agency tonight. After the day I had at work today (not just today...every day) and after coming home crying again, I decided that enough it enough. Since there's not much hope of getting anything within my company I decided my best bet was to contact a temp agency. I am meeting with someone at noon tomorrow. The company I am visiting has benefits and weekly pay and it's highly likely that I can coordinate my work around my photography school and can maybe add a couple of day classes to my current schedule. For the first time in months I have hope again.

I hope the meeting with the temp agency goes well enough that I can give notice tomorrow. I would prefer to give a full 2 weeks notice but school starts on the 25th and I want to be able to attend day classes if at all possible. So, we'll see what happens.


Joan65 said...

I hope it goes well for you at the temp agency, Amy. I've had a miserable job before, and I know what misery is!

Take good care!

xxoo Joan

jnn said...

My friends over @ Deadly Viper posted a blog today, that *might* be of some encouragement to you. Check it out - - >

- - jnn

LAP said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I am saying a prayer that the temp agency prospects look good. I wouldn't feel bad about a single thing about what I hope is soon your ex-company. If the company you see tomorrow doesn't seem like the right fit, I know all the temps from Tempforce we've used have been fantastic, so maybe they are another to look at..