Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seeing a Need

Hey all!

I am just sending out an SOS on behalf of a friend.  My friend Nan works in my building.  I see her every day.  She works in the cafeteria in my building M-F and at a local restaurant at least one weeknight and weekends.  She is awesome as she always has a smile and a good word for me. It really makes my day to see her when I stop by the café.

Today she was noticeably upset and not her usual self.  When we pressed her on it, she told us that she was driving her car to her other job when it started smoking. An electrical fire was burning in her car.  She pulled over and basically watched her car burn to the ground.  It was only insured for liability.

Nan is good people.  She and her husband are working class adults just trying to get by.  She’s not sure what they are going to do now. Her husband has a truck that he drives to work but his hours are just different enough to make it tough for them to commute. She lives in the Robbinsdale area of the Twin Cities and works in the St. Louis Park area.

Does anyone know where Nan can get a fairly good used car cheap or where she can borrow a car for a while to get by?  It would make her day if we could find her reliable transportation.  I offered her my car since we have 2 and live so close to work but she can’t drive a stick shift and I can’t offer her Bob’s van in case he needs it.

Does anyone have any ideas or know anyone who might be able to help Nan?  I know it’s huge but I thought I would ask.  I just feel compelled that when I see a need, I try to do what I can to meet it.  Anyone know of a way we can do this?


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