Tuesday, August 05, 2008

What is that smell?

My ph seems off today somehow.  The perfume that I wear nearly every day smells to me like bug spray today and nothing I have done makes it better.  Then, I got to work and put some lotion on and it smells odd to me as well.  Gah.

On Saturday I went to our nearest technical college’s open house to talk to them about their professional photography program.  I was pleasantly surprised to find they had evening courses and their cost per credit is only $133.00 making the 10 credits I want to take only costing me about $1330.  The 4 courses I want to take are: Intro to Mac, Digital Darkroom, Intro to Professional Photography, and Photographic Design.

At the tech school open house I applied, submitted my transcripts, and got a student ID and website access.  I haven’t registered yet because Bob and I are going to meet with the Brown College rep tomorrow at 5:30.  We are going to talk with him about costs, classes, and why I should go to Brown when I can go to the tech school for so much less.  Granted at Brown, tuition includes a new Canon Rebel XSi and a new Macbook Pro.  I priced a Macbook Pro yesterday at approximately $3,500 and the cost for the Canon body only is about $800.  Lenses and flashes cost a couple hundred more at the very least.

So, if I go to the technical college, I can use my own camera but I am responsible for buying at least 3 new lenses (wide angle, telephoto, and zoom), a new computer capable of speedy photo editing (hence the Macbrook Pro used at Brown), a new flash system, and the books and software for each class.  So the nice price tag on the tuition is kind of cancelled out by the cost of all the new equipment needed.  If I go to Brown, the tuition is quite startling but the 2 costliest items are provided.

The biggest factor in me choosing the tech school despite having to drop dollars on equipment is that they have evening classes available.  Brown does not.  Brown has a program starting August 18th and another in October but neither one has any evening classes.  The tech school classes start August 25th and every class I want is offered in the evening.  I just need to talk to the guy at Brown and then most likely I will get on the stick and apply for financial aid and then register for classes at the tech school.  I’ll know more after our meeting tomorrow but it looks like Brown is out and tech school is in.

In other exciting news we will be attending a wedding on Friday (08-08-08).  This will be the 5th wedding we’ve been invited to (we could have gone to one on Saturday but declined that invitation…this is the ONLY wedding we’ve NOT attended so far this year) and we have at least 4 more weddings coming up.  I don’t know that we will go to all of those either.  What is it about 2008 that made everyone decide to get married?


Krystle said...

Must be a special year! I'm getting married on 9/20 of this year... :)

It gets expensive though with all those weddings you have to attend...

Yvonne said...

Moving forward with your photography sounds so exciting! Good for you!