Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I submitted my FAFSA (financial aid paperwork) and am just waiting to hear back.  I went to the tech school website to register and found out that after registering, I must pay for classes by Friday or lose my place.  Most of the classes I wanted are already full and the others are dangerously close.  So this MAY be something I need to put off for a semester.  Boo!  Oh, and I cancelled our appointment with the guy at Brown.  Not only did the tech school have what I was looking for, they had it at a much more affordable price.  I do not need another BS degree (that’s Bachelor of Science not Bull SH** but it might as well be) and am just looking for the skills I need to be competitive.  I am thankful that there are options out there and I hope I can find an affordable loan to help me get there.

Yesterday Bob took our van to the place where we got it.  The driver’s side button to release the ramp had fallen off and it was messing with the whole raising and lowering system.  The guy that fixes our van looked at it and said it was not covered by warranty any more and might be expensive.  Still, it needed to be fixed so Bob gave the go-ahead.  The guy fixed the button, fixed some spare stuff on the ramp, made it look shiny and new, AND took a look at what had just set off our engine light and fixed that too.  Bob was nervous about the bill but when he looked at it, all he saw were zeros.  Bob asked the guy why our bill showed a zero balance and the guy told Bob that his boss gave the OK to do the work pro bono because of all we do for them.  When Bob expressed confusion over just what exactly we’d done for them, the fix-it guy said that just seeing Bob being so positive and so outgoing and so willing to always help and lend a hand went a long way in making everyone’s day at the van place.  Also, Bob’s been passing along coins to the fix-it guy who is also a collector AND we’ve sent some people their way to purchase accessible vans.  So the lesson learned is that it pays to be nice, positive, and willing to serve.  Thank you Roll-X!

Bob’s book is due out soon. We are waiting for (what we hope will be) the final proof copy. Once we receive it, Bob will look it over and if it’s all good, he will email the publisher to approve and they will print.  This could be as early as Friday!  Yes, this Friday!  Bob is beyond excited.  We have a website for the book here: where we will post updates and such.  I will also post things here once and a while.  If you are interested in the book but happen to miss it when we announce that it’s ready to buy, just go to and search for Poetry for the Soul.  Bob also wanted me to remind everyone that 10% of the royalties are going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Also, he is thinking his next book will be a memoir about living with Muscular Dystrophy and the challenges he has overcome as a result.  Nothing is set in stone on that one yet but I think that might be a very positive and uplifting read for anyone who struggles with adversity in life.

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Dawn said...

Congrats to Bob on his book! I'm not really into poetry, but if he should ever write a book about living with MD, I would definitely buy it!