Thursday, July 20, 2006


The photo above shows Bob holding a fish I caught Tuesday night while fishing Cedar Lake. Isn't it huge? Ha! The guy in the background is our new friend Victor from Memphis. He was an extra in The Firm and The People Vs. Larry Flint. He has his SAG card. He's a cook! He's one chatty fellow. We had a good time though we weren't catching as many or as large of fish as last week. It might have been because it was windy and cooler. Who knows. Fish are tempermental.

While fishing, Bob and I talked. Of course he was fine with me telling him all that's been going on in my head. I mean he wasn't really surprised. He's been experiencing my pulling away first hand. What he didn't know was why. We have more talking to do, but it was a good start.

Bob left last night to go north to visit some friends. I am leaving today to go visit my hometown friends and family. Bob comes back tomorrow and I come back on Sunday. I am back at work on Monday and back to school on August 7th. I would appreciate your prayers. I am scared about this whole cycle prepetuating itself again.

I am looking forward to my visit to my home town. I will see my family for sure. I am waiting to hear from a good friend who lives in Milwaukee to see if we can get together on Saturday but she hasn't called me back yet. For sure I will be perusing the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and possibly taking in some live music. Can't. Wait. I leave in just a few hours...directly after counseling. I am well prepared with things to drink, my suitcase, my camera, my phone, and enough books on tape to cover the 5 hour drive. WI here I come!


Anonymous said...

Good couple's counseling is a good and healthy thing and is highly recommended before things get to the very worst. It's very good you are aware of your feelings and are talking about them and that you have opened that up with your husband!
Prayers will be that your time back at your home is a refreshment time! That your entry back into work and school will also be energizing and not taxing in any way.

Yvonne said...

Have a good and spirit filled break. Love, Y.

Heather said...

Hope your trip was relaxing and you have returned with some peace and hope!!