Sunday, July 30, 2006

This is how I feel

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that I was with a baby. And that baby was me at 6 months old. I knew this and I think the baby might have known it too. I remember making her smile and giggle. I remember just being in awe at how cute she was and how much I felt rewarded by her smiles and giggles. I remember being so much in love with her and wanting her to know only love and care and kindness. I wanted to sheild her from hurt and life and harshness. I remember her beautiful baby feet. Those dimpled and sweet wiggly toes...oh so cute. And then I woke up. I think I need to learn to love myself and maybe starting at babyhood is as good a place as any. Man, I was cute!

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Anonymous said...

Are you reading and 'hearing' the comments made in your blog?
As the one lady said she's had alot happen to her and that you can't let it paralyze you so that you can't live a productive life. Everyone has 'something' that is broken in their lives but it's how they use it to move on that's important. You aren't the only one who has been hurt with what is thrown in your path. I bet if you took a poll you'd be surprised at other's stories.