Friday, July 28, 2006

If You're Broken and You Know it Clap Your Hands

I got an email from another department about scheduling an interview.  I left a voicemail and an email and have not heard back.  At this point I feel like I would take anythingalthough I am being picky about which positions I am applying for.  So, we shall see.

It is incidents such as the one Im about to describe that drive me crazy about my job.  I am working on a small project where I go through all our annuity policies that have been marked for cancellation and am checking to see if they have indeed been cancelled.  If so, I cancel them in our system.  If not, I reinstate them.  For some reason, two of the policies I cancelled showed up on our deposit tally sheets.  My boss asked me why I hadnt matched and applied these two deposits.  I looked them up and said it was because I didnt have them on my totals list for today.  She looked closer and noted that they came from my cancellation sheet.  So she went to Loud Girls cube to confer with her about why that might happen.  All I could hear was Loud Girl whispering about she must have done something wrong,  She messed it up somehow,  She must have…”, She cant do anything without messing it up.  Sound familiar?  Same things are going through my head all the time.  We still dont know why these things showed up, other than a glitch in the system.  Still, not fun to be whispered about.  It seems that what I feel in my heart is true.  Not only am I broken, but others see it too.

We looked at a condo last night that I really liked.  However, they did not have in unit laundry and there would need to be some updates in the near future.  But the rooms are large, there are 2 bathrooms and 2 bedrooms and a 40 ft patio.  The building and grounds are spotless and its in our neighborhood.  Bobs boss is selling it and said to make an offer.  I emailed our realtor to see what similar units have been selling for and what the association fees are.  Even though the other one was nicer, I like this one better.

Still, it looks as though we will be putting off ownership for another year.  My short term disability claim was denied.  That means that even though today is pay day, I did not get paid.  I did not get PTO, holiday pay, disability pay, or any kind of pay.  Thank God Bobs SSI pays for our rent.  We should be OK though it will certainly be tight for the next 2 weeks.   I should be getting a refund from my college for the class I dropped, but that isnt expected until after the 7th.  SoYikes!  Every time we get a little ahead, we fall a little behind.

Tonight I am going to a PJ party at my favorite yarn/coffee shop.  In light of our financial set back, I wouldnt normally go, but it was set up as a pre-pay event with an RSVP.  Thankfully we had the funds to do that at the time, so I am looking forward to a girly night of tea, chocolate, wine, coffee, cheese, massages, and yarn!  I hope its not one of those things where everyone shows up as a pair and Im the only singleton.  Ive been to the Yarn Café before on my own and managed to always meet someone and chat, so Im not too worried.  Plus, I get along with the owner and if shes there, I know I will have someone to chat with for a bit anyway.  I will, of course, have pictures.  I am going to wear my shiny red PJs and red fuzzy slippers.  Bob will be at work.

I used 4 small tomatoes from my very own tomato plant to make salsa last night.  Well, its actually more of a pico de gallo, and I had to also use 3 roma tomatoes from the grocery store.  But it was soooooo good!  To the tomatoes I added yellow bell pepper, cilantro, purple and Vidalia onion, cumin, salt, pepper, and a dash of Emerils Southwest Essence.  It tastes so fresh and sassy.  Love. It.  I brought it to work today and the gang ate it up.  I think I may use the leftovers for a nice omelet in the morning.

I have to get a jump on some homework this weekend.  I am in class again beginning August 7th.  I dont want to start out all lost and behind again.  While Bob does his thing at the gas station, I will settle in with my new syllabus and books and try to get something done before next weekend and Im all overwhelmed again.  Gotta do this and do it right.


Yvonne said...

Good luck with the applications and the jump on the school work this weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Heard something good on television that you might be able to implement into your own life; Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What comes easy for me, but would be hard for someone else.
2. What one thing can you do, that you love so much that it wouldn't matter for you to do it and get paid for it.
3. What service can you do for others as a way to pay back?

According to the person, this is a way to show yourself what your purpose is in life.
Put that along with your purpose being to 'glorify God', as I think in doing those 3 things you would be showing the giftedness that God created you to be.

Anonymous said...

Number 2 should read "and NOT get paid for doing it"!

My Sping On Things said...

You know if I were you, I'd be very very very careful about what I wrote regarding work here in a public forum.

People have gotten fired from their jobs for much less.

With that being said, I'd start a paper trail and take notes regarding Loud Girl and her remarks. Sounds like she's gunning for you.

In the meantime, I would request a meeting with your boss, and tell him or her that you overheard the conversation, you didn't think it was appropriate, you don't like being whispered about, if there is an issue with your work performance perhaps a meeting needs to be had so you all can talk about it. And that you don't whisper about Loud Girl to her boss or her co-workers. And finally, you did not do anything wrong, you did your job fine, and you are not sure how the error happened.

In the meantime, have you thought about going to work for another financial institution, one that isn't going to jack you around so much.

I can't believe they denied your claim. That's just wrong.

Be well.