Saturday, June 17, 2006

Operation Job Hunt

One Baby Tomato
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So. Friday. I had a phone screen interview with a hiring rep from another department of Big Bank Co. I think it went OK although I had to admit that I don't have alot of experience in the job they are hiring for. Also, there are sales involved and I am not big on that. If nothing else, I am able to practice my interviewing skills. I do have to say that I do interview well. I have a face to face interview with a guy downtown on Thursday morning and lets not forget my informational interview with the Communications Manger at the Sales and Service magazine! Whee!

Yesterday after work I had to stop at Target. As I pulled up, it started to rain a little bit. The minute I set foot in Target, the deluge began. It was as if the skies opened up. It poured buckets of rain, there was lightning and thunder. It was crazy. I did my shopping and made sure to pick up an umbrella since I didn't have one on me. The checkout guy made a joke about how much I will need it. As I walked my purchases to my car, the umbrella did little to keep me dry since the wind was blowing the rain straight into me. I opened the trunk of my car and had just begun to load the stuff into it when I heard the rain start to plunk. I actually swore and began to load things in faster. It's hard to get a 35 lb thing of kitty litter into a trunk when you are holding an umbrella. However, it's even harder when it begins to rain marble size hail on ya. AND there was a car sitting right behind me waiting for my spot. I made it into my car none the worse for wear.

Bob was working at the station so I picked some hot, yummy food for him and stopped by to see how he was doing. He was happy to see me as he had been worried about me. He said the window in our office was open and he was worried about wetness since the wind seemed to blow strongly ifrom that direction. I told him not to worry about it since there was a tree right in front of that window. I dropped off his food, kissed him and went home to check the damage.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in to see a small/tiny flood right under our office window. The desk had standing water, the floor was wet though not sopped, and the window was soaked. I called Bob and told him I was wrong and he was right. I dried everything off, set up the fan, and shut the window. We had storms off and on the rest of the night and that was kind of nice. I love a good summer storm. My poor flowers got kind of beaten down from the wind and rain, but I think they will be OK.

The nicest thing about this weekend so far was that I was able to sleep in this morning. I did have weird dreams though. Very odd and unsettling. Still, I didn't wake up until 9 and that was heavenly.

I had planned on doing homework all day, but since Bob has to work tomorrow, I decided to put it off until then so I could get the work done. When he is home, he likes to chat and it's hard to get stuff done. Instead, I mailed our father's day cards and decided to stop by the farmer's market. I have lived here for 8 years and this was my first foray to the Minneapolis farmer's market. What have I been waiting for? I picked up a huge bunch of pink peonies for $5, a nice creamy gouda for $3, a mixture of HUGE red and yellow peppers for $3, and 2 tomato plants for $5. Bargains galore are to be had.

Bob was up and awake when I got home. I made him some coffee, chopped up the peppers for freezing, and got my tomato plants ready for planting. I also planted some wildflowers and sunflowers in another pot. We now have flowers and tomatos growing on our patio. We think it looks like a little slice of eden. Check out my Flickr photos and judge for yourself. I planted the pansies, petunias, and geraniums. Bob planted the morning glories. I sat on our patio for some time this afternoon, enjoying the beauty of our patio garden.

The rest of the day was spent alternating between watching TV movies and cleaning. I also made a home made pizza. Our place looks and smells great. Come on over and hang out with us.

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Heather said...

Wow!! You are lucky to get the rain. We are about 5" below normal here and the grass is already brown!!