Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Time to Change?

Guess how many emails 7 days away from work will getcha.  Well, I dont know about you, but for me it equals 112.  I know for some people that is their daily email intake.  My daily email intake is usually about 12 so 112 is a little bit over average.  Thankfully I have finally gotten through all of them.  They have all been addressed, tossed, filed, or forwarded.  Whew.

I forgot to tell you about the hand burning event of yesterday.  I was making chai tea latte in the microwave.  This consists of me pouring about a cup of chai tea mix into my Pyrex measuring cup and then adding about a cup of milk to that.  I put the Pyrex in the microwave and heat it for 3 minutes.  I do this every day.  However, yesterday something happened.  I grabbed my travel mug from Caribou with my left hand and the Pyrex with my right hand.  As I began pouring the hot liquid into the mug, it all exploded and gushed over the mug and onto the counter, floor, and my left hand.  I set the Pyrex down and was about to rinse my burning hand off when the kittens ran into the kitchen to see if there was a treat to be had.  So they wouldnt burn their paw pads or tongues, I grabbed them and put them in the kennel until I was done.  THEN I ran the coldest water possible over my burning left hand.  With my right hand, I mopped the mess off the counter as best as I could.  Once my left hand felt numb from the cold water, I grabbed a mop and cleaned up the floor.  Once everything was clean, I ran water over my hand again.  The rest of the day, my left hand throbbed and ached.  It was red and angry looking and it hurt if I touched, brushed, or bumped it.  Today it looks as though nothing ever happened to it and it doesnt hurt at all.  Weird.

So I met with my boss and am still awaiting word if my request for a 32 hour work week has been approved.  I may not hear for a day or two as we are in the midst of an audit.  Sigh. 

I stayed home from class last night since my hand was throbbing and I wasnt feeling so well.  Im not sure if it was because of the burn or because of my lack of sleep from the night before.  I fell asleep on the couch by 6 and was in bed and asleep by 8.  I thought that would go far to help me get through my day, but I still feel tired and sleepy.  My eyes are heavy and my limbs all feel leaded.  I can hit the hay early tonight as well.  Usually I would feel guilty about that because of Bob. He waits all day for me to get home from work and when I do, I only spend an hour with him before going to bed.  Well, tonight he is working at the gas station until close so I can go to bed at 6pm guilt free.

In other news, I have received 2 calls from Big Bank Co recruiters in other areas.  A while ago I posted my resume on our intranet job recruiting site and I am getting responses today.  I have to call them at lunch.  Im not sure what jobs they are calling me about, but it might be time for a change. 


Natalie said...

I hope you get the 32 hrs that you want. Seems like you are on the right track! Take good care of yourself!!

j n n said...

Sounds like this - http://www.snopes.com/science/microwave.asp happened to you... YIKES!