Sunday, June 11, 2006

Scary Afternoon

Zoe Asleep
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We just had a scary occurance. Bob was getting ready to take out the trash. As he backed up we heard Zoe scream. Before he could react, she screamed again. We couldn't see her. We didn't know what he rolled over. He rolled back ever so slowly and she came running into the kitchen. I picked her up but Bob told me to set her down so we could see if she was walking OK. She seemed to be walking OK but she had a cough. We put her on the bed while Bob called the vet. I pet her and she purred. Bob did a check up on her and then I got some wet food to feed her. She ate and seemed to be OK. We put her in the kennel so she could rest and we could observe her. She seems to be OK but we are going to watch her closely. We think Bob may have rolled over her tail but it seems to be OK. It was very scary. I did not do so well. As soon as Bob told me to put her on the floor so he could watch her walk, I started to cry. I didn't stop until Zoe started to eat. I am not the person you want to have in your corner during a crisis. Thank God Zoe is OK.


Reighnie said...

Awww, both our cats have learned. It just takes one time. I hope it was only Zoe's tail.

Sean ran over Purries' tail and he did the same thing, he didn't move until I got there to make sure which direction was safe for him to go. I hauled it there as fast as I could... poor girl screamed the whole time. Once she was free, I checked her tail and she was fine just confused about Dad and very angry with his chair.

After that she would attack the wheel of his chair that ran over her tail. Since then he has a new chair but it needed to have some work done, we pulled out his old chair in the meantime, the first thing Purries did was go and dig her nails into that wheel. She remembered!

I hope Zoe is ok. It can be scary.

Kathy said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I shut the screen door on my old cat Smokey, when I was a kid? Slammed that sucker so hard, it pulled the fur right off of her tail, leaving a bloody, crooked stump thing that had to be amputated. Talk about feeling guilty!

Poor Zoe! Keep us posted.