Thursday, June 15, 2006


Touching Paws
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The picture of the kittens is one of my favorites. They were sleeping on the couch but only their paws were touching. It was supremely cute. Moreso than the photo conveys.

Today we had a team meeting with my boss, her boss, and a coworker to discuss my boss's performance. It was a good meeting and it has been decreed that she is going to work on communication, coaching, and recognition. Good things to work on. She also said she would help us take classes, seminars, or anything else that might help us in our career quest. This is a good thing because:

I was reading Big Bank Co's company service and sales magazine. I noticed that the editor had a local area code. I looked him up on our work intranet site and sure enough, he is located right here in Minneapolis. I emailed him, introduced myself and asked how one might come to work for him. He emailed me back and asked if I would like to get together for a half how face-to-face informational interview. Would I? (Peg leg.) I emailed my boss to ask her permission, she gave the OK, I emailed him back to say I'm there! Whoot! So we shall see what happens.

In the meantime, I received my last shipment of books for my final semester of school. I also printed out my last 4 syllabi and filled out my last 4 tuition reimbursement requests. Thank God! I have one more class in PR Writing and then 2 weeks off. Yay! Then my last semester begins. Bob and I were talking last night and he is going to give me some cash to through a combo birthday/graduation party. The only thing is, I think I will have to have it in January since December is so packed with stuff. I am going to go to the party store this weekend to see if they have any graduation stuff on discount.

I had counseling today too. That is going well. I am learning that I don't like myself. Duh. My counselor asked if I could still of a time when I ever liked myself. I said no. I could think of accomplishments that I liked, but I would honestly not think of a time that I liked me for me. Sad, huh? So, we are going to work on that. Just add it to the list of all the other stuff I have to work on.

Tonight I am going to an event center off Lake Minnetonka. The event is being held by the radio station I listen to. I hope it's fun. I will take photos. Bob was going to come with me when he was asked to work. So he's at the station tonight.

This is wierd, this afternoon my hands would not stop sweating. Bleh.

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