Wednesday, October 04, 2006

After the Meeting With HR

I had my phone meeting with my HR rep.  Man is he in the right business.  He is just the right mixture of compassion and action and he made me feel as though someone was FINALLY in my corner.  We talked for about a half an hour and he told me he would create a report and investigate further.  He also asked me to fax him the written warning so he could answer my question about how long I have to keep disclosing the warning when I apply for job postings.  He DID say I can apply for postings but must be honest about the warning.  So I will look into what is out there and will probably start applying for postings again since I do not want to go down with this ship.

Here is a weird thing.  Over the weekend we received a letter from Dell telling us they received our report of fraudulent activity on our account and they were looking into it.  The only thing is, we didnt report anything to them about our account.  I called the Dell customer service number and was told we could fax a letter in to them explaining this, along with a photocopy of my drivers license and social security card to prove my identity Except I am reluctant to do this in case it is some kind of scam.  I am going to call Dell again today to verify that this is legitimate.  I still dont know why someone would report fraudulent account activity on my accountunless they were trying to take it over.  Good luck.  We have a $1,000 limit and I think we have paid $200 of that off thus far.  So whatever someone can get off our $200 available balancegood luck.  Anyone know anything about this?  Maybe I should check Snopes.

We are having a cat crisis.  One of the cats (we suspect Maisey) is peeing on my bed.  Not the floor, not Bobs hospital bed.  Just my bed.  So we have started keeping our bedroom door closed at all times.  Except Bob is so softhearted and kind that he feels bad about the cats not being able to cuddle us at night.  We decided that Maisey will sleep in the large kennel at night which allows the other cats access to our bedroom for sleeping.  The rest of the day the bedroom door will remain closed.  This also will help us identify the peer.  If there is pee on the bed after this arrangement, it will be evidence that Maisey is not the culprit.  But I hate having my bed peed on!  Arg.  Especially when there is no telling what is setting off the culprit.  The litter boxes are clean and fresh.  They are fed and watered daily. There is a cat tree with a fabulous view of the bird feeder.  There are multiple cat beds and comfy areas for catching a catnap.  There are toys and catnip galore.  What more could a four footed feline want?  Stupid cats.

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