Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Shitteth Hath Hitteth the Fan-eth

Today we were informed that the woman who is my bosss boss is leaving.  Her last day will be next Friday (the 13thhow apt is that?).  That makes 4 people gone from this department in a month and one of those 4 is the one thats in charge of the whole shebang.  What does that tell you?  Man, I was almost out of here and now I am on a sinking ship.  The bosss boss will be here from San Francisco next week so who knows whats going to happen.

If thats not bad enough, my boss is barely holding it together because of some family issues/emergencies that cropped up this week.  Her boss is leaving, which means she is going to have to do her job AND the bosss job AND deal with family crisis all at the same time.  She did say in our meeting this morning that family comes first and if she takes PTO and gets written up, so be it.  Hmmmmwould have liked a little of that understanding thrown my way about 60 days ago.

I have a phone meeting scheduled with my HR rep this afternoon at 4:30.  I will know more about how to proceed after that.

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Kitchen Logic said...

You see Amy? It's all going to turn around for you, for good. Just hang on. You are good and that boss is Evil with a capital Evil! You're going to end up being the boss! Heh!! Let us know how it goes with HR.