Friday, October 20, 2006

No Real Rhyme or Reason To This Entry

We are getting our carpets cleaned for free.  Not by Ritzy Clean.  Oh no.  I ended up calling our apartment management office to ask who they use and what it would cost for us to call them in to clean the carpets.  Turns out the carpet cleaning company is under contract to clean carpets every month in order to make things ship shape for new tenants.  Because we are not moving out and are staying another year, we are eligible for an annual carpet cleaning and will be fit into the November schedule.  We should have done that in the first place.  Sheesh.

Speaking of college (see yesterdays entry), in my traversing the highways and byways of the internet super highway, I came across the blog/webpage of a college classmate.  Turns out he lives here.  He was always from here but we met at college in South Dakota and I knew he had moved to Iowa but lost touch with him around 1999 or 2000.  He was always one of my favorite people at school.  He had/has an amazing sense of humor and timing and the best taste in music of anyone I ever met (Until MLap).  I read enough of his blog to catch up on his life and then shot him a short email which he answered.  Oh, and a fun bit of trivia, he married his love on my 5th wedding anniversary.  Anyway, I just thought it odd that I would write about college and then discover one of my favorite college people on the same day.  Hi Ceej!

Monday is Bobs birthday.  He will be 45.  He is old.  Heh.  No, Im just kidding.  Hes still got the heart and mind of a boy. Sometimes I feel like his mother, but he keeps me young and feeling free and easy.  We are going to go out to eat with his sister and her family.  Im not sure what to get him for his birthday.  He says he wants a hands free headset for the phone or an electric stapler.  Not very romantic gifts, but I will do some shopping this weekend.  I dont have much else planned for the weekend.  I do still have some wall hangings to get up and I need to plant the bulbs I got oh, 3 weekends or so ago.  I was told that if I plant them and then keep the planters in the garage, they should be OK to bring back out to the patio in the spring. I hope it works.

MLap commented a couple of days ago how bright and hopeful my writing sounds these days.  First of all, I must say thank you to Lap for her kind words.  So often I will think something and not actually act on it.  Not only did she think it, she told me she thought it and it made my day.  Thanks again Lap!  But her comment made me think that the Z0l0ft must be working.  I caught myself singing while making dinner the other night and that hasnt happened in a good long time.  Man, I wish they had had Z0l0ft when I was in college.

We are hosting Bobs family thanksgiving gathering again this year.  This is what happens when you or your partner is in a wheelchair and your extended family members do not live in accessible housing.  Technically we were supposed to go to WI for thanksgiving this year, but Bobs family is all in one place for the first time in a few years and his sister really wants to get together.  So we retained the party room and will have a potluck thanksgiving.  Were not sure what we will be doing for Christmas.  Bob suggested just going away for that weekend and I thought that might be fun.  Christmas weekend on Lake Superior might be nice.  Well see as we get closer.

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farmerbarb said...

I'm on board that Z-loft train, and it's a smooooth ride. Pre-Z, I cried all the time, and had no motivation whatsoever. Post-Z, I barely cried at my own daughter's wedding, something I would have never in a million years believed I could do. The motivation part still needs a little (lot) of work, but I know I can't count on one little pill to fix everything - I have to work at it too.