Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Grandma is Fine

Today was a lovely fall day with sunshine and warmth, though there aren't as many leaves still on the trees as shown by the photo here.
My grandma came through her surgery just fine. They gave her a spinal block which kind of scared her a little, but she did just fine. She had just gotten to her room when I arrived and was awake but tired and a little groggy. She was in a shared room and there were a lot of people there. Her roommate had two visitors and a nurse, my grandma had a nurse, me and Bob. Plus there was a guy in her room installing cable or phone line or something. It was really chaotic in there. Grandma is thinking of requesting a single room. We left when one of my uncles came by to see her. We just felt as though there were too many people there. When we left Grandma was just beginning to feel pain and they had given her some morphine to make her comfortable. They were going to give her a range of motion test this afternoon and tomorrow she is going to walk for the first time. She looked so frail in her hospital gown and bed. She is 84 but she is so independent and fiesty and intent on doing things herself that she rarely appears frail or elderly. I am just glad she is OK. I hope they look after her. She is prone to blood clots, so she is not out of the woods yet. They are aware of this and have her in the air boot-things that are supposed to help prevent clots, but she has had clots in her lungs before as well.

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