Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The World is a Crabby Place

I just got back to my desk after braving the world that is the building cafeteria.  There was a guy ahead of me who was wearing the biggest diamond earrings, a huge-ass gold chain with a large diamond medallion, some kind of freaky expensive basketball shoes, a leather jacket, AND he was texting on his slim razr phone.  When it was his turn to pay, he argued with the cashier over the $.46 she charged for tax.  Dude!  It’s $.46 and she’s just doing her job for god’s sake.  She doesn’t make the prices, she just takes your money.  Grow up.  That was after a gal got mad because the guy cooking up the food accidentally served one person ahead of her.  She got mad and left with no food whatsoever and bitched the whole way to the elevator and up to her floor.  She talked about how she was going to report him because this is not the first time he has overlooked her.  Incidentally, she was wearing a witch costume. 

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Yvonne said...

People are something else. Too bad everyone can't watch themselves on tape at the end of the day. Bet that would make most of us a much nicer person tomorrow!