Thursday, October 05, 2006

Well that was fun

I locked my keys in the car this morning.  At Bruegger’s.  While it was running.  And all my phone numbers and my cell phone were in the car.  Which was locked.  And running. 

It was the first chilly morning of the fall.  I had to scrape my windshield in order to see.  It’s the first scraping I’ve had to do since early spring.  I was just going to run in and run out so I left my car running.  I made SURE my door was not locked when I opened the door and recited “do not lock the door, do not lock the door” to myself when I got out.  I wanted a warm, de-frosted car when I returned.  I ran in, got my bagel and coffee, ran out, tried the door and…NNNNOOOOOOOOO!  It couldn’t be!  But it was.  I think someone locked it on me.  Either that or I am a moronic slave to my habit of locking my car when I exit.

I called home but Bob was sleeping.  With a fan on high.  With the bedroom door closed.  With the phone in the other room.  So, no go there.  I called the gas station where he works and some dude answered and said no one was there who could help me right now so I should call back in half an hour.  It was 7.  I was supposed to be at work. I could not call work to let them know where I was because all my work numbers and my cell phone were in the car.  Which was locked.  And running.  So I borrowed a phone book from the barista at the ‘bou and looked up locksmiths.  Except there are dozens and they all charge $30 or $40 to open the car.  I decided to try the gas station where Bob works once again.  This time I got one of the managers.  I told him where I was and what was happening and he said he would send a guy right over.

The guy arrived, looked at the lock, brought back a large tool, stuck it in and popped the lock.  I offered to buy him coffee or a bagel but he declined and told me to tell Bob to talk to the boss who will probably not even charge us.  *sigh*.  So that has been my morning so far.

I applied for another job.  I have an interview on Monday.  I talked to my HR guy again and he said that after the 15th of this month I will not have to disclose the written warning but that until then, I will.  So…I will disclose it this time and see what happens.  I asked him if HR will remove it from their records as well so if a potential manager calls and checks up on me, they won’t see it there after the 15th.  He said HR doesn’t have it in a file there.  I said they must because the manager of the job I was hired on said HR told her about the undisclosed written warning.  He said maybe my current manager disclosed it as an HR issue and the new manager just didn’t communicate that.  So, basically, my old (current) manager disclosed this written warning to my new (no longer) manager which resulted in my job offer being rescinded.  Just great. 

Things with the job here are OK now.  The big bosses come in next week to do some damage control.  They are having an all staff meeting and throwing a goodbye dinner for the manager that’s leaving.  They are expressing concern for our morale and well-being, but I know that’s just a lot of smoke being blown up our hind quarters.  This ship is sinking and it’s time to find a new raft to float.  I just hope I can make it onto a new one without that going down too.  We’ll see, won’t we?


j n n said...

That's nothing - - you should hear my "locking the keys in the car" story.... I'll have to tell you sometime! :-)

Heather said...

Good luck with your job interview tomorrow!!