Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ritzy Clean

Remember when I wrote that we were looking for some recommendations for carpet cleaning?  One of you reminded me of a company called Ritzy Clean.  I heard about them on my favorite radio station, FM107 and liked what they said about not upselling and about charging a fair price for the actual work done.  So I called and had them come out.  During our phone call, I explained that they would not have to move furniture and that we live in a 1000 sq ft apartment so the space that needs cleaning is actually quite small…just the living room, office, and hallway.  They said that based on what I told them, they thought $80 might be the ballpark of cost.

The guy comes out today, talks to Bob about what we want done and quotes him $125.  Bob balks at this and says to forget it then.  The carpet cleaner calls the office and talks to his manager who asks to speak to Bob.  Bob tells him we were told that it should cost around $80 and we were comfortable with that, but not much more.  The manager then starts to yell at Bob, telling him he is stealing from the guy who is trying to clean our carpets and make a living.  Bob tells the manager that he is on SSI and in a wheelchair and is not out to get anyone but is on a fixed income himself and would just like the job done at the price discussed or closer to it.  The manager then calls Bob a dirty F-ing loser.  He says Bob is the kind of guy who makes his job hard by stealing time and effort from the company.  He calls Bob a F-ing A**.  Bob tells him that he has no right to talk to him like that and that he is canceling the job altogether and would like the cleaner to leave his home.  The manager swears again at Bob and hangs up on him.  The carpet cleaning guy was pleasant and embarrassed and said he would report this manager, but who he can report him to…I don’t know.

Bob was going to contact the radio station sales department and the better business bureau and report this to them both.  We will NOT be recommending Ritzy Clean to anyone at any time.  In fact, I hope the fine folks at Ritzy Clean Google themselves and read this non-recommendation. This is the first time anything like this has happened to us and usually the advertisers on FM107 are awesome and amazing.  We have used Noble Glass, Simply To the Table, Yarn Café, Al’s Vacuum, 2 Julies, Carlson-Wagonlit, In-Vision, Shred- it, and others and have always had an amazing experience.  We have been quick to use the services recommended through the advertising on FM107 so we hope this is a one time thing and that others have not been abused in such a base and demeaning way. 

Thank you for letting me tell our story.  We hope it is NOT the norm.  Do NOT, under any circumstances use Ritzy Clean for your carpet cleaning needs.


Kitchen Logic said...

Amy! That's terrible! Make sure to let Ian and Margery know about what happened! How disgusting! I'll make sure to never use them. I feel like calling them and telling them that I need my carpets, drapes and airducts cleaned but because of your experience with them, I'll be calling COIT! The man in the shiny black van has got to be nicer!

Amy said...

Oh my golly! Can you say "unprofessional"?

I probably would have sworn back at that jerk. Your husband is a better man than I.

I have never had our carpet professionally cleaned, though I would love to at least get the living room done. It's about 250 sq. ft, and I have no idea how much it would cost. Maybe if I actually < horror music > picked up the telephone, < / horror music > I could find out.