Thursday, October 12, 2006

Things Are Getting Weird

Things just keep getting weirder around here. 

First, an update.  The United Way luncheon ended up being OK.  I ended up riding with the large group that was all riding together since someone bowed out at the last minute.  Then, when we got to the hotel, we mostly all ended up sitting together and it worked out OK.  It was actually kind of nice getting to know some people I see every day but dont get to talk with or know on a personal level.  The food wastypical hotel banquet food.  The program was nice.  MN is a very generous state. Big Bank Co is generous as well and they are one of the only corporations that feature a volunteer paid leave program.  Team members can apply for up to 4 months of paid leave in order to work with a volunteer organization of their choice.  If I am still with BBC in 2 years I am going to apply.  I would like to go to work with an orphanage in another country for a month or two.  Anyway, I had so much anxiety over something that really didnt require much energy at all. 

Last night was a work thing.  Everyone from my department went out for drinks and dinner to say goodbye to Mrs. Manager whose last day is Friday.  Since the meal was paid for, we all really drank up before dinner.  It got a little loud and rowdy and was actually quite fun.  Dinner was yummy and I have a giant portion left for lunch today.  We got to the restaurant after 5 and people were still sitting there talking when I left at 8.  It doesnt hurt that the drinks were still flowing.  I am not able to have more than 1 drink so I was good, but MAN my co-workers can throw down.  They were drinking everything from tequila to beer to bloody Marys to vodka tonics.  If nothing else, I get a good education in what kind of drinks are out there.  I am not a big bar girl and dont know much about booze and mixed drinks.  I know I like gin with 7up and lime.  I know vodka does NOT agree with me.  I know I HATE beer and most red wines.  And I know that I loved the mojito I had last night before dinner.  I wanted an appletini too, but was still a little blech from the rum in the mojito after dinner so I passed on the martini.  Click on the Flickr badge to see me and my co-workers socializing after work.

So, the weird thing is this.  Today my co-worker and friend Peg asked me to meet with her privately.  She is leaving our department. (remember what I said the other day about a sinking ship?)  Thats not the weird part.  The weird part is that she is leaving our department to go work for the woman who hired me and rescinded the offer 2 days later.  Turns out when this manager called Peg for a reference, Peg talked to her about openings in this department.  The manager directed her to the webpage where you can apply for the positions and she applied and is now hired.  She wanted to talk to me privately in order to tell me personally before I heard it from anyone else.  She felt so badly about this that she cried as she told me.  Her last day is October 27th.  This is sad not only because she is going to the job I was to have had but she is leaving our department and she is really my only friend and ally here now.  What am I going to do now?  Plus that makes 5 people who have left our department in the last month and a half.  Sinking.  Ship.

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