Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog Cancer Gets Passed On

Hey all you married people, is this normal?  I am completely and totally in love with my husband but right now he is getting on my last nerve.  Part of it is his health issues which are preventing him from getting things done that need to be done.  I hate feeling resentful towards him for this because he lives in pain every day of his life and what do I know from pain?  However, I sometimes get so fed up with things not getting done because he doesn’t feel well. Sometimes I wonder, does he really not feel well or is it that he just doesn’t feel like doing it?  There is something he has to do and he has postponed and rescheduled it 3 days in a row now.

The thing that really gets to me is when there is something going on at home that has irritated or upset Bob enough that he feels he has to call me at work and get on me about it.  He feels like if he doesn’t call me and tell me about it right then and there, A.) He will forget about it and B.) I will be unaware and keep doing the thing that irritates and upsets him.  He thinks this is a good way to work on our communication.  It irritates me because A.)  There is nothing I can do about it from work and B.)  I don’t think it’s fair that he essentially calls me at work to bitch me out about stuff at home.  Plus if it’s something you think you might forget later, then it can’t be that important and why do you have to bother me at work with it?  Arg!

OK, the above is still frustrating, but I just got back to my desk after a short meeting and there was a voicemail from Bob. I listened with trepidation except all it was was Bob singing Woman by John Lennon.  No matter how much we bug each other, our foundation is commitment and love and this is just all part of learning to live with and love another person.

I have a strange lump under the skin under my chin.  It doesn’t feel like it’s in the skin, it feels like it is under the skin, in the muscle.  And it is sore.  It doesn’t feel like a burgeoning zit or a skin irritation.  Bob says to leave it alone and check it again in a couple of days.  If it’s not better by the time I have my annual physical on the 25th, I will have my doctor check it then.  Kathy must have given me her blog cancer.

Bob and I have been invited to be members of the local MDA Stride and Ride Committee.  Our first meeting is tomorrow night.  We are really looking forward to this but have no idea what to expect.  I have never been on the same committee as Bob before so that should be interesting as well.  Yee haw!

Our first adoption information meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, February 6th.  I am going to the bank on Saturday to start a money market savings account that will be specifically for adoption fees and costs.  We have a couple hundred saved to open the account and then I have designated a specific amount to be directly deposited into it every pay day.  We are taking tentative steps on the path towards adoption.

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