Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I had my annual princess lady exam last night. It wasn't horrible. Ever since getting married, these exams aren't so heinous. I guess it's the regular use of my vajayjay area. Plus, when I told the doctor about the recent horrific first day of period, she prescribed a lovely narcotic pain reliever for me. Yay! I also had her look at the area on my chin where there had been a lump. None existed at the time of her examination of course. She said that sometimes salivary glands can get clogged and become lump-like and sore. She thought that since it went away on it's own it was probably a clogged gland. Sure. I'll buy that.

The only bad thing about the visit was that she was way behind so I missed American Idol entirely. Bummer. However, there is another show on tonight so I can still get my fix in this week.

I had counseling today. It went well. In fact, it went so well that we determined I should probably consider stopping at this point. Well, not altogether. My next appointment is a month from today and then we will probably finish a month after that. How's that for progress? I really feel proud to have come this far from last summer.

Bob called me at work today. Turns out he took our giant jar of change to the bank. After our financial class last week and our discussion of what to do with that change, he decided to take the half dollars and dollar coins out and just turn in the rest of it. Guess how much we had in that giant jar? $550! He put it into a one year CD that we can add to throughout the year at the same rate we are getting on the principle. That used to be our Alaskan Cruise fund but now it has become our house fund. We will have to save a lot more in order to have enough for a down payment on a house, but we are at a good place to start. Bob is super excited about saving now. I'm liking it, but I still think a nice pair of end tables and a Dyson would be a good investment into our living space.

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Yvonne said...

Congratulations on the savings! And especially for the accomplishment of healing well enough to only check in the therapist once a month. I remember when I did that and I felt so good about my progress. (And it's always nice to know they are there if we need them!) Lotsa hugs for you and a few more for Bob.