Friday, January 19, 2007

Computers Are the Wave of the Future

Today I was able to go to the lender of Bob’s student loan and update some information right there online.  I was able to go to the local library website and see 1.) What books I have checked out, 2.)  When they are due, 3.) What, if anything is being held for me, and 4.) What I am still waiting for to show up.  I was able to look up a zip code and calculate postage at the US Post Office website.  I updated my iTunes.  I read the local paper online.  I answered some email.  I looked up a phone number using Google and Dex.  I did my mammogram prescreen at the health practitioner’s website.  Man.  There is almost nothing that I do that can’t be done online.  Now if only my computer could clean my toilets, I would be set.

In counseling the other day, my counselor and I determined that things were going well enough with me that I could schedule appointments every other week.  That, my friends, is the best news ever.  We did discuss something that has been bothering me lately:

      ME:     “Whenever Bob and I talk, he interrupts me and talks and talks and talks.  So I just shut up and then I’ve forgotten what I was talking about in the first place.  Now, I just feel like not talking to him at all.”

        DR. COUNSELOR:  “What do you do when this happens?”

        ME:     “I just stop talking.  Oh, but the other day I did wait until he was done talking to tell him that he had interrupted me and I was upset.”

        DR. COUNSELOR:  “What did he say?”

        ME:     “He was upset that he had done that and said he was sorry and that he would try not to do it again.”

        DR. COUNSELOR:  “Has he done it again?”

        ME:     “Yes.”
        DR. COUNSELOR:  “What did you do?”
        ME:     “Stopped talking altogether.”

        DR. COUNSELOR:  “Why don’t you just interrupt him back?”

        ME:     ?????  “You can do that?  It never occurred to me to do that.  I WILL do that!

Duh.  Good thing I see a counselor huh?  What a breakthrough that was.

This weekend I have nothing planned but some ideas for photography fun.  The Mall of America is hosting a large tulip exhibition and who doesn’t love tulips?  Also, there is a kite flying thing going on at Lake Harriet on Saturday that might be good for some photo opportunities.  And let’s not forget the annual organizing of the tax paperwork for the tax preparer!  Fun! Excitement!  Oh, and I’ll be making a big pot of chili.  Come over, won’t you?