Monday, January 08, 2007

Catching Up

Serious Bob
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Hey there. I made it until 3pm without breaking down and getting a Coke. I was actually physically shaking and my mouth was all dry. I’ve been drinking water all day but nothing would do but a nice, cold, Coke. I think they MUST put Cocaine in the mix.

I haven’t written lately because my mother taught me if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. I’m really struggling with feel slighted/hurt/easily irritated. All the things that 1 Corinthians 13 says you should feel if you really are good at practicing that thing called love. It all has to do with being/feeling protective mama bear towards my husband and having to sit through his father’s memorial service knowing that no one, other than family, was there to support him. Now in all fairness, our good friends’ daughter was getting married on the same day at roughly the same time and most of the friends we know who would have been at the memorial service were at the wedding. We totally can understand that. Still, other family members had friends, co-workers, and neighbors show up to help support the family. Also, other than a nice card from my direct co-workers and my boss, Big Bank Co completely dropped the ball. When my boss’s mother in law passed, BBC sent a giant floral arrangement and card of condolence. When my former boss’s mother in law passed, BBC sent a giant floral arrangement and card of condolence. When our former administrator’s father in law passed, BBC sent a giant floral arrangement and a card of condolence. When my father in law passed BBC sent a big wad of nothing.

Bob is doing OK. The memorial service itself was very nice. People were respectful and kind. The pastor didn’t make himself out to be the deceased’s best friend and yet gave a very nice message. Tons of family showed up and said the thing where we all agreed it was nice to see everyone and we must do this again under better circumstances. To Bob’s family’s credit, plans were already being laid for just such an occasion this summer so it’s just not platitudes on this end. There was a ton of food, some lovely memories shared, and tears and smiles all around. It was a fitting memorial for the patriarch of Bob’s family. Plus Bob looked super nice in his new suit.

Speaking of which, we went to Men’s Warehouse on Friday to get Bob his new suit. When we walked in, the manager of the store itself greeted us right away and began helping Bob pick one out. The first one he laid out was a gorgeous blue pinstripe number. We both loved it but did not so much love the $500+ price tag. Bob told the guy he had a budget and what would fit in that budget. We had to get a suit, tie, and shirt as well as alterations in that budget. To his credit, the manager did not blink before finding something suitable (ha!). I picked out 4 or 5 shirts to show Bob and the manager helped us pick out a tie. We got the suit on Bob, the seamstress set the alterations marks, and we were out of there within 45 minutes. I picked the suit up 2 hours later, along with a stop at Walgreen’s to get black show polish and new black show laces. We stayed within budget and had $10 to spare! We LOVE the Men’s Warehouse even if Bob’s tie ended up being more expensive than his shirt.

Bob gets to wear that suit again this Sunday. He is speaking at his brother’s church in Eagan. He is excited to share his testimony to a new congregation. I am hoping that not only does his story encourage those attending church that day, but that Bob is encouraged himself in sharing the story of where he’s been and where he’s going. If you live in the Metro area and want the details, email me and I will send them to you.

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