Friday, January 12, 2007

What Happened to Trainwrecks?

I tried to go to my favorite time waster, Trainwrecks, only to find a blank white page and the phrase, "See You Space Cowboy...". Not sure what happened. I evven Googled a cached page to see if there were any clues available. There were none. If you are in the know, please email me to let me in on the poop.

I LOVE the internet. I missed Grey's Anatomy last night. Curses to mid season reruns and a confusing return to new show schedule. But at lunch today at work, I logged on to ABC's website and was able to watch the whole show online. Ditto with Ugly Betty. After that, I was able to listen to Keith and the Girl's podcast on my ipod. I listen to the most recent show first and then listen to past shows in order to catch up. The internet is a beautiful thing.

I have a three day weekend this weekend and am so thankful. There's not much going on this weekend other than opening a savings account specific to adoption costs, laundry, Bob speaking in church on Sunday, and a whole day of nothing on Monday. Ahhhhhh. I will be reading and possibly walking and listening to my Pinky McShinesalot. (Um, that's my ipod's name, not the name of something in my swimsuit area.)

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