Monday, January 29, 2007

Suddenly I'm Aware I Have Breasts!

Rant:  I know I have said this before but it bears repeating.  In my office there is one womens bathroom.  The bathroom has 4 stalls.  My favorite stall is all the way at the end which leaves the 3 remaining stalls empty.  However, perceived bathroom etiquette dictates that a new person coming in should pick either the first stall or the second stall leaving a one or two stall buffer zone.  Just now I was in the bathroom, in the very last stall, doing my own thing when along comes another person.  Does she choose stall one?  Nope.  Stall two? Nope.  She sits right down in stall three, the stall directly next to the stall Im in.  I hate this so much.  Not only do I begin to feel weirder about the bathroom noises we are both making but suddenly a very horrible smell begins to waft from her side to my side.  If she had given us a two stall buffer zone, I might have gotten out of there without having to wonder what crawled up her bum and died.  *insert choking/gagging sound here*.  Remember to leave a buffer zone.  Of course all of this is negated if more than two women use this bathroom at a time.  Then there is not much you can do about any of that.

I received the report from my mammogram.  Great news!  There is no evidence of breast cancer at all.  I have my special princess lady exam tomorrow and will know soon if there are signs of cervical cancer.  2007. The year of eliminating the threat of possible cancer.  Oh!  And that weird lump in my throat is no longer there.  I may still have her check that out but now that there is no lump there isnt much to check. 

Even though I dont have breast cancer, for some reason my boobs are suddenly very present.  I mean I have a large chest and they cant really be ignored, but for some reason all of a sudden I am really aware of them.  They seem fuller and have been itchy and a tad achy and sore. Not so sore that I have pop some Advil, but if I happen to bump them or lean on them, there is a minor soreness than suddenly makes me aware of them.  I am probably ovulating and am just picking up on the hormonal changes, but still, its weird for me to suddenly be so aware of the chestal area.

Tonight I am making a new-to-us dinner.  Not only is the recipe new, but the ingredients are new as well.  I am making a broiled breaded tilapia.  We are not fish people.  I mean we like fish, but because I dont feel confident making it, we NEVER have it.  Lately I have been succumbing to advertising guilt over not incorporating more fish into our diet.  So to combat that, I bought some tilapia and will cook it up tonight.  I hope its good.  I have pasta and sauce standing by, just in case.  Bob will try anything once and I have rice and a salad as sides, but still, it is scary to make and try a new thing. I will let you know how it goes.

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