Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Rant, A Plug, and A Tale

First a rant:  The building where I work provides the people employed there with free ramp parking.  This is nice since those of my fellow Big Bank Co compatriots who work downtown do not get that lovely perk.  However, what is the deal with people driving hulking trucks and SUVs not being able to guide their behemoth into an average size parking stall?  This morning I felt as if I needed some guys with orange sticks waving me in so as not to gash the vehicles on either side of me.  Oh, I don’t care about my car.  There are all kinds of dings, dents, and rusted pock marks on it for me to care about another scrape or two.  But heaven forbid I nick or scratch the gilded siding of the Escalade to the left of me or the sparkling Mercedes SUV to the right of me, even though they are the ones who parked over the yellow lines.  It is true I could have parked in another spot and I considered it for half a minute.  But I was running late and I drive a small Hyundai.  I should be able to fit my tiny little car in any spot and should not have to worry about fitting it in.  Why should people who drive giant cars get to park willy nilly however they want?  Can’t they respect the yellow lines and fit their cars within the space provided?  Granted, this is a small problem in comparison to world hunger and the fighting in Iraq but it is what was directly irritating me today.

If you are not watching American Idol you are missing some quality entertainment.  How is it that someone who can’t even sing thinks she can make it on American Idol?  Truly, this girl got to the judges, sang, was told she couldn’t sing, agreed with them and said they could teach/make her into the American Idol.  This isn’t American Pygmalion young lady. You must have some semblance of talent in order to get anywhere with these judges.  (Although to Paula, if you are male, under 22, and look good, you may just get a bye.)  I blame Paris Hilton who is famous just because she’s famous.  Heck she can’t sing and she got a record deal too. (And by the way, I have looked everywhere to try and find out who in the heck her young co-star is in her video for “Nothing in This World”.  He is a cutie that I am certain I’ve seen before but I have “It’s THAT guy-it is” and can’t place him.  Anyone?)  Also, if you are watching American Idol but not participating in Mamapop’s live blogging of said show then you are REALLY missing out.  Check it:

Tonight Bob and I are taking a financial class together.  He took it over a year ago and really liked it.  He learned a lot about savings and living on cash and paying down debt, etc.  I am looking forward to learning all that stuff as well since I have not had the best year financially speaking and it will be good to be on the same page as my husband.  However, I am nervous because as much as I adore my husband, I am afraid I will come out of this class crying every Thursday night.  Bob is a blurter.  It’s a bad habit he has been working on yet no amount of my “Think it, don’t say it,” has helped curb the habit completely.  I am afraid that Bob is going to rehash my fiscal blunders before everyone in the class and I will come out looking like a 12 year old with a credit card.  I will have to talk to Bob about this ahead of time but I am still prepared to defend myself against his blurty blunders.  This is the man who told his sister and brother in law that when we got married I initiated the “nothing up the butt” rule.  It is true and here I am telling you, but it was not something I wanted my husband to tell his own family…especially while I was standing right there!  So we shall see what happens.  If nothing else it will make for good blog fodder.


farmerbarb said...

try for that guy's name. They have cast names for movies and tv shows - not sure about music videos.


Mari said...

An observation and an "i'm with ya sister"

Ever noticed that many SUV drivers back into parking spaces?
My husband is a blurter too-not an hour after meeting our new neighbors (before we had even unloaded the truck), he had told them that we had just filed for bankruptcy. Where is your pride?!