Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Random Bits of Nothing

So I had my Mammogram yesterday and it wasnt so bad.  I was actually in and out in about 20 minutes.  Still, it wasnt a completely pleasant experience.  Every time the nurse touched my nipple, I would jump and giggle.  Because I am a dork.  I think the experience isnt so bad for me because I have a massive amount of breast tissue so there isnt a lot of pain, just discomfort.  How do women without a lot of breast tissue get their mammograms done?  It must be a lot more painful and a lot more discomfort.  I also wonder how they get a good read on women with implants since there is a lot of squishing and squashing and flattening.  Breast implants would seem to me to not be very malleable or flat, but I am only going by my experience since thats the only frame of reference I have.  I have my annual physical a week from yesterday, so I have that to look forward to.  Excellent.

The St. Paul Winter Carnival starts on Friday and yet someone has already found the medallion.  The finder found it after only 3 clues which I guess is some kind of record.  I want to head out to Harriet Island this weekend to take pictures of the snow and ice sculptures and the other activities going on.  Its during events such as this that I wish I had a better camera.  I long for a digital SLR.  I am torn between the Nikon D70 and the Cannon EOS 5D.  I have seen photos taken with both.  I have played with a Nikon but not with the Cannon yet.  Still, both are FAR outside our budget. Bob and I agreed to split the tax return this year but I doubt I will be able to buy something so extravagant with my half.  Anyway, I will still head to St. Paul in hopes of capturing some nice images of the frigid festivities.

Sometimes I hate working for the department I work for.  The department we are working in the midst of is having fun and games and activities in order to praise and thank all their employees.  They have balloons, gifts, free lunches, a free event, games, and are bonding and team building.  I talked to my boss about it and said that I knew it was a matter of the budget but couldnt our higher ups at least sprung for a balloon and a free lunch?  She said she brought it up and never heard back about it.  Nice.  I feel like I have really gone all out and accomplished a bunch of stuff to keep our little group going and no one says anything unless I mess up.  Oh, except I did get a service award so thats not entirely true.  Still, I did end our last quarter with NO pending items which is unprecedented and nothing was ever said on that.  I know I go on and on about this every year since we got cut from Insurance and added to our current department.  I guess its because I really thrive on affirmation and kudos.  I also am particularly sensitive to anything feeling remotely like rejection and thats what it feels like when you see all the people around you enjoying a nice gift and free lunch and you are banned from the lunch room because its only for the use of the others.  Gah!  I will stop whining about it now.

I will say this.  My boss came to me today and apologized for making me take a PTO day for going to Bobs Dads memorial service.  She said that should have counted as a bereavement day and is NOT a PTO day. She said that I now have an extra PTO day in my total and should not count that as one.  It was really a classy thing for her to do and she did it in a very kind way.  Kudos to my boss.

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Elizabeth said...

Hi Amy Beth, it was nice to "meet" you in the American Idol comment thread! What struck me about your blog posts was that you live in Minn. and my husband just got back from a business trip there. And you posted about your iPod and he bought me one at the Mall of America.

We both use Canon cameras exclusively, although neither of us has the one you mentioned. My husband uses a 10D body and he loves it. Anyway, I'll look for you again next week for AI !