Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3 More Days Until The Walk For Wheels

This is the van that we are trying to raise money for in our Walk for Wheels. We are about a third of the way there and just need about $12,000 more to make it. Please consider sponsoring our walk so my husband Bob is able to stay mobile and independent. He has lost so much in the last 3 years since being diagnosed with FSH MD and being confined to a power wheelchair. He's lost his job, his sense of purpose, much of his regular muscle function, and his feelings of provision and manliness. He would just like to be able to go fishing when he wants to go fishing instead of making it a huge production. He would like to be able to just jump in the car and go...anywhere. He would like to visit his friends in the nursing home. He would like to have a little freedom back. Don't we all take this for granted just a little bit? ***********************************
Yup, still sick. I went into work today but only lasted until 1:30. I came home and immediately went to bed where I slept for 4 hours. Then I got up and watched The Grammy’s and Lost and then more of The Grammy’s. I lead an exciting life, no? I hate being sick. HATE!

Oh, I forgot to make mention of how I stood up for me and Bob on the phone the other day. Some back story: Before he met and married me, Bob took out a life insurance policy. This was quite fortuitous since after his diagnosis, he would not qualify for the type of policy he has, or if he did, he would have to pay quite a bit more than he's had to pay for this one. After I got my insurance license, I was looking over all our policies to make sure we were as covered as we needed to be. While looking into Bob's life insurance policy, I noticed a rider that stated if Bob ended up disabled, his life insurance company would pay his premiums. So we started the process to enforce the rider. It's been over a year now and not only are they NOT paying his premiums; they are taking money from his policy to pay it while we wait in limbo. Cut to Monday while I was home sick. I am sick of the run around we've been getting from this particular insurance company. I called the claims rep and got voicemail and left a somewhat terse message that I would get them whatever information they are still looking for this week if only they would contact me and let me know what they are still waiting for. I never heard back.

In the meantime, once Bob got up and I filled him in on my terse phone call, he got all up in arms and became kind of feisty himself. He called his independent insurance agent and told him he had 2 weeks to resolve this or we would go to the news stations and lawyers. While Bob was out getting the mail, his insurance agent called back to say that they were still waiting for health records from the physician Bob saw the very first time it was suspected he MAY have MD. I told this agent that that doctor no longer practices medicine in our state and didn't do anything except send Bob to the neurologist who DID diagnose the MD and I know for a FACT that those medical records have been sent to the insurance company. He said he would check on that and call back later. Haven't heard from him since. I need to call the claims rep back tomorrow. I will NOT let this rest. It's been far too long and they are robbing Bob, me, and our future dependents and I will NOT stand for it any longer. Hell hath no fury like a woman waiting for her husband's insurance company to PAY UP ALREADY!

OK back to the Grammy’s...what the hell happened to Tom Hanks? Why is he sporting a mullet?I like this song by Bruce Springsteen. Oh! What was up with the opening song? Is there really a "virtual" hip hop group called The Gorillaz? Weird. I am old. And yet Madonna, the pop music icon from my high school days was right there on stage singing with them. She is old. When she is 62, will she be singing during the Super Bowl half time show to everyone's snide comments about how she is older than dirt and will need a walker during her next tour? I hope so. Posted by Picasa

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Have you seen the commercial of the guy on the phone that keeps having to say a coded work ie. his pet's name, and "then" when he finally gets through to a person with skin on (he's on a commuter train) it goes into a tunnel cutting off his phone access. CAn't remember what the commercial is selling but your post reminds me of that. Hope you get through to the person you need to speak to to get your issues resolved! So are you still feeling crappy from the flu?