Monday, February 06, 2006

Home Sick...Not Homesick

The sore throat I woke up to on Saturday turned into a full blown flu/cold type thing on Sunday. I slept as late as the cats would let me, which turned out to be about 10. I got annoyed with their constant crying and fiddling with things on my dresser so I got up and went to the living room couch to lie down. I felt like crap with a capital C. But I got to watch Say Anything, The Truth About Cats and Dogs, and The Breakfast Club, so Wheee.

I did make a run to the pharmacy for some supplies. It turns out I used my last pad the night before so I needed more of those. While there, I picked up some more cough drops, a box of soft tissues, a box of real juice pops, some 7-Up and cranberry juice. I'm si-i-i-i-i-c-c-c-k. *cough*.

I did manage to clean out the cat boxes even while feeling crappy. Poor health is no excuse for poor cat box management. The kitties, they like a clean cat box. As is evident the MINUTE I am finished cleaning, they fight over the right for the first pee in the clean cat box.

I did manage to drink my fluids and suck on my juice pops during the day. I watched a lot of bad TV and caught up on some journal reading. At 5, we ordered Papa John's pizza via the web. My confirmation email stated the wait could be as long as 90 minutes, but we had a hot pizza made to our specifications within 25 minutes. Score!

Bob and I attempted to watch the Superbowl, but not having a vested interest, we failed. He went to the store to see his buddies and I channel surfed until Grey's Anatomy came on. What a show! I can't believe it's a 2-parter. I hate those.

I didn't go into to work today seeing as how I feel all kinds of crappy and got about 20 minutes of total sleep due to the consuptive coughing I did all night. I do have to go to class tonight which is kind of hypocritical, but I've already missed one in this series and I can't miss another or I have to take the whole series over. Not that it would be bad. This is the easiest class I've had yet. The homework for today was to save 6 photos into 2 different formats with specs given to us by our prof. The whole thing took me less than 5 minutes. Cake! Still, it would be a shame to have to repeat a class I could do in my sleep. So today's schedule is to rest until it's time to go to class, go to class, come home from class, sleep.

Although, I do admit I have a hard time resting on a work day. I look around at the dishes that need to be done, the floor that needs vacuuming, the mail I need to get out, the phone calls I should make, and I think that I can do these things. That I SHOULD do these things because they need to be done. I am home and I can do them. Except if I start to do all these things then I get tired out and feel crappier yet. Why can I not shut off the guilt? I'm not playing hookey. I am sick as evidenced by my 101 fever, chills I can't shake, and wheezing. But I still think that I should do stuff around the house in order to feel better for "just lying around". Well, at least I can make phone calls and get the mail out. That doesn't require me to move from my indented spot on the sofa.

We found out today that Bob will most likely be getting matched with a dog on the week of the 20th! Yay! Posted by Picasa


Yseye said...

I hope you feel much, much better!

I hope the 20th is the day! ~ Yvonne

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Yes the flu/cold crap is going around as is the stomach flu and just plain old colds. Hope you get to feeling better real soon!
Yippeeeee on the news regarding your dog. Keep us all updated,will you?