Wednesday, February 15, 2006

When February Becomes My New Favorite Month

I got a call from MN Service and Hearing Dogs.  They want to meet with Bob next Tuesday at 2 in order to match him with his service dog!  They said they would have 2 or 3 dogs on site and hope one of them sticks.  Bob is so excited!  We watched the Westminster dog show last night and had a lot of fun watching the herding group and oohing and ahhing over the German shepherd, Aussie Blue, and Aussie Shepherd.  Cant believe the bull terrier won best in show.  She was a cutie, but not as beautiful as the golden retriever, the Old English sheepdog, or the Scottish deer hound.  Humph.  I am a little nervous about introducing the new dog to the cats, but I think it will be OK given the cats reaction to the dog that came by for the initial meeting.  Still, I dont want a pair of nervous Nellies pooping and peeing all over the apartment because they are upset over the new addition.

I heard back from the life insurance company today.  They wont approve the rider because, according to Bobs medical records, his disability seems to have been a pre-existing condition even though it wasnt diagnosed until he was 40 years old.  I talked to the head claims specialist and even though his disability did not result in unemployment and wheelchair confinement until well after his 40th birthday, they see doctors notes on how issues of MD have cropped up in his medical records since he was 17 and they wont allow us to use the rider.  So, theyve denied our claim.  The good news is, at least the policy is still enforce and in effect.  We go back to paying monthly premiums, sans said rider, and will have insurance should Bob pass.  Not the news we were hoping for, but its good to get this finally figured out.

Last night was nice.  We were going to go out and use one of the restaurant gift cards we had laying around.  But Tuesdays are hard on me after long Mondays, so I voted we stay in, order a pizza, and go to bed early.  We did stay in. We did order a pizza.  We did not go to bed early, but we did go to bed.  Also, Papa Johns online ordering system is the best thing since sliced pizza.  I placed the order and in 20 minutes we had a hot pizza made to our specifications at our door.  Yum yum.

Next week is going to go by so fast.  Monday starts off the week with an all team morning meeting. We havent had one of those in years.  I end the week with 2 days of continuing education to keep my insurance license current.  So Thursday and Friday I will not be in the office but will be learning more about insurance.  What fun.  Then that weekend is the weekend my parents are coming to town to help my grandma move.  So, yay.

Have you ever thought about what it is about you that makes people like or dislike you?  I often wonder how it is that my husband can love me.  He even loves me when Im crabby, impatient, short tempered, selfish, moody, and difficult.  How can he love me so completely, so fully, and so well when there are times I dont like myself?  Yet I feel the same way about him.  Today I called him and asked him to help me with something.  I got a less than enthusiastic response.  He continued to whine and whimper and complain until I was about to tell him to forget it.  I almost lost it because the thing I needed help with was something I was doing for him.  But I let it go and reminded myself that he lives in constant pain and has a right to whine and complain a bit.  Later on he called me to apologize and said he was sorry for treating me so crappy especially when all I was trying to do was help him out.  I love him so much.  I often wonder how I got so lucky to find such a man.  Some people may think that the Muscular Dystrophy would be a ticket out of the marriage.  I am not one of those people.  No one has ever loved me so completely, so fully, and as unconditionally as Bob has.  Its been the greatest gift to discover that even though Im not perfect and can be difficult to live with, Im not unlovable.  Who knew?


B.E.C.K. said...

I honestly believe that love has only partly to do with the other person's qualities. (This is the "falling in love" part.) The other part has to do with actually making a decision to love. (This is what keeps people going from day to day, through good times and bad.) And yes, "love is a verb," so when we behave lovingly, we often find that our feelings follow suit. Does this make sense?

If we wait to feel loving before acting lovingly, we would act lovingly much less frequently.

Psychologists have theorized that babies aren't born cute and lovable -- it is the act of caring for them that makes parents see them as lovable and fall in love with them. I think the same is true for adults. So my point is that I believe that Bob's and your qualities are what attracted you to each other...and behaving lovingly (doing nice things for each other, actively caring for each other) is what keeps you loving each other. You guys are great. :-)

Sherry said...

Thats what marriage is all about. Yours is truly blessed.