Friday, February 03, 2006

Brokeback Kitchen

Last night I prepped the dish I have to bring to tonight’s work potluck party at my boss’s house. I was looking for a hotdish/casserole that I could make with the ingredients I had in my pantry. I found a recipe from Emeril called Cowboy Casserole. Conjures up images of just chucking ingredients into a cast iron skillet doesn’t it? Forget that. This dish took me two hours to prep! I don’t know what cowboys Emeril has been hanging out with, but they must be very type A and bring their gourmet fondue set on the cattle drive. Sheesh! This hotdish better taste good because I put a lot of work into it.

Bob is so cute. Last night he asked me if I really wanted him to come to the work party. I told him I not only wanted him to come, I needed him to come. Then I asked him why he asked. He said that to him, it seems as if taking him anywhere without the electric chair would be a lot of work. If he is walking (which he really shouldn’t and can’t for too long.), I have to wait for him because his gait is so slow. If we are using the push chair, I have to put it in the truck and get it out of the truck, not to mention pushing him around. Then while at the event or where ever we are, I have to get a plate of food for him if it’s serve yourself and walk him to the bathroom so he doesn’t fall when he needs to go. He said if it were him, he would just like to go alone and not have to hassle with all the care. I stared at him and said, “If our roles were reversed, you would rather me stay home?” He said, no…that’s not what he meant. He meant it just seemed like a lot of work for an evening out. I asked him if he had ever heard me complain or voice a negative though about “caring” for him while we were out. He admitted he hadn’t. I said that he never will because none of it is a burden to me. I am so glad when he CAN go out with me that I love doing whatever I can to ensure his safety and comfort. It never even occurred to me to think of caring for Bob as a burden or to wish he would stay home so I could “enjoy” myself. I enjoy myself when he is with me.

Our state tax return has already hit our bank account. E-filing is certainly the way to go when you have a refund coming. What a nice surprise to check on the bank account and see a larger number than previously expected. Our federal refund should show any day as well. Once it does, we are getting a juicer for Bob. Anyone have any recommendations? I found a couple on the web that look good, but if anyone has one they have been using and loving, feel free to leave a comment.

Well we certainly have been tossed back into the frigid arms of winter. This morning it took me 20 minutes to chisel my way into my car and clear my windows. There was a layer of ice at least a half inch think covering everything. The roads weren’t so bad. I drove slowly and carefully though…especially after the 180 I did on Monday at the first stop sign out my driveway. Also, the air is much colder than it’s been in over a month. At least it’s sunny. I think I can handle cold as long as it’s sunny.

Tomorrow is the MDA Winter Wine Down in Stillwater. Please join us if you are looking for a break in the bleak mid-winter and want to enjoy some yummy wine, a quaint locale, and some fabulous companionship. Things kick off at 6pm.

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B.E.C.K. said...

"It never even occurred to me to think of caring for Bob as a burden or to wish he would stay home so I could 'enjoy' myself. I enjoy myself when he is with me."

This is so, so touching. :-)