Saturday, February 04, 2006

Winter Wine Down

This was our view once we arrived at the Water Street Inn in Stillwater for the MDA Winter Wine Down fundraiser. This is the lift bridge over the St. Croix River. Pretty, no?

I didn't sleep too well last night. I developed a sore throat and fluid in my ears. I woke up earlier than I would have liked and hoped I would/could take a nap later on, but that didn't happen. I mostly just hung out today. I didn't even shower until after 3 when I HAD to get ready for the MDA thing. It was nice to just have a mellow day of resting.

Bob and I really enjoyed ourselves at the Wine Down. We were supposed to be volunteers but they had that covered, so we were free to just hang out and enjoy ourselves. We mingled and chatted and ate and of course drank wine. I had one of the best wines ever from MGM Liquor Warehouse. It was a white wine from Italy called a Cappriccio? I think. Anyway, it was yummy.

They had a game called the Wine Pull. All the bottles of wine were covered up and for $10, you chose a bottle that could be worth as much as $200. I bought 2 chances. The guy ahead of me pulled 2 Rieslings which are my all time favorites. I told him I would swap with him if I pulled something he liked. He agreed and I told him he could pull for me. He pulled a deep red that he really liked so I told him to keep it and put my name on one of the Rieslings. Then he pulled my second one for me and it was something I had never heard of before...a Sangiovese. He said it was similar to a white zin, which I liked, so I kept it.

Later on, this same guy won the Heads of Tails game. I went to congratulate him and he said he had to come clean. The first wine he pulled for me was probably worth $90 to $100. He said he would trade me back if I wanted. I said no. I wasn't a wine snob, I only know what I like and what I don't and I don't like the deep reds. I told him he should keep it and enjoy it. he was so excited.

We met the Jr. MDA Goodwill Ambassador and his family and other wonderful people. I chatted with one of the MDA staff and said we always have such a good time at these events and meet such amazing think we probably wouldn't if Bob didn't have MD. Not that it's what we wanted, but since he does, at least we get good friendships out of it.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, check out my Flickr badge and plan to come next year. The wine is amazing, the food is fabulous, there is live music, an auction, and lots of great people. All for a wonderful cause.

Speaking of wonderful causes, don't forget to sponsor me and Bob on our Walk for Wheels next Saturday. Scroll down for the address to send the check or click my paypal button to send cash or credit. Thanks! Posted by Picasa

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