Thursday, February 23, 2006

In The Intrest Of Equal Tme

Licky Cat
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This is Daisy and she would like me to post her picture in the interest of equal time. She thinks I've posted too many photos of Maisey and now that Honor has entered the picture she is afraid she will be forgotten entirely.

Today and tomorrow I have the distinct honor of participating in continuing education for work. The class I am taking is on planning and maintaining estates and retirements. Of course now I am all freaked out that we are not saving enough and will end up in poverty in retirement. I chatted with the teacher for a time and think it wouldn't be a bad thing to consult a financial advisor. This also makes me think we shouldn't be trying to have kids or planning a family. Instead we should be socking every spare cent away for retirement because we have a completely different scenerio than most people. For one, I'm the primary wage earner. Also, Bob's MD, related health issues, and needed durable medical equipment. Not to mention the eventual need for long term or home health care for him. If we add kids to the mix, we will never make ends meet, I don't think. These classes always scare me.

The class is interesting but for whatever reason, the minute the teacher starts talking my eyes get so heavy. The room is not hot, in fact it's a little on the cool side. But I cannot keep my eyes open. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Today was all about fixed and variable annuities. Tomorrow is all about estates, trusts, and wills. Whoot.

Oh, I will say, what is the deal with the rudeness of people? OK, I am the first to admit that I was fidgity O'fidgeter today and probably super annoying to the people behind and next to me. However, at least I wasn't listening to a conference call or my voicemail via my cell phone during class like some people I could point to. No lie. What is up with that?

So we heard back from Bob's life insurance company. They denied our claim because they are claiming Bob's total disability was a pre-existing condition. We are going to appeal and Bob is looking into disability attorneys. This is a rider he was paying for for over 10 years. He may have had MD his whole life, but it wasn't diagnosed nor did it render him disabled until 2002. So, that was kind of sucky. Not to mention that the only reason we found this rider in the first place was because I had taken an insurance class through work and came home and combed over all our policies. Bah.

I made the most delicious meal tonight. It's a Simply To The Table meal. It was thai peanut chicken and oh man it was good. There are leftovers but they won't last for long. Tomorrow is roast and potatoes.

Bob heard from the service dog place. Honor is his. Now he just has to set up his training schedule. For 8-10 sessions he will go there to train and then he should be able to bring her home. Yay!

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Anonymous said...

First of all, most people wouldn't have kids "if" they waited until they could "really" afford them! Life doesn't promise that there won't be situations ie. diabilities, un-planned illnesses etc. If having a child is something to consider-why not adopt? There are way so many kids needing parents. Given that your Bob has MD and it's genetic in nature, adoption seems the way to go! At least it makes sense. You can still be a good steward and save for retirement. There are alot of good financial books out there....and also ministries. Think Crown Finanacial Planning!
As for the insurance rider, I to think you should seek a law professional for advice. Having had been paying for 10 years seems like he would qualify. Don't most insurances require a physical??
Congratulations on obtaining Honor! That is so cool! Keep us informed on what happens with all the above........