Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Does anyone know how I can fix my website so that the sidebar doesnt keep sliding all the way down to the bottom of the page?  How can I keep it at the top no matter how I post?  Help?  Anyone?  Thanks.

I had a new class last night.  I am now in Publication Design and it seems there is more homework but it still in the difficulty range of my last class which is to saynot difficult at all.  My final homework for my last class, Image Design for Documents, was to 1.) Add text to a photo, 2.) Fix/enhance a scratched and blemished photo, and 3.) Cut and paste a head onto someone elses body.  Hard, hard, difficult homework, no?  My first quiz in my new class last night was such that I got a 10/10.  I wont get too big headed though because then I tend to get loopy and make simple mistakes.  Speaking of which, the gentleman I tend to have friction with in class got a 7/10 on his quiz.  The reason we have friction is because he tends to act as though everything comes easy to him and when one of us women post on our message board that something is difficult for us, he does not commiserate…instead, he tends to post how easy it was for him.  Last night we all had to log into our class list and enroll electronically.  We had all done this with relative ease and simplicity, except for friction guy.  He said he was not allowed access to the electronic site and that he would have to email the computer guru at school and ask for help.  While watching him try to enroll, we noticed that instead of clicking enroll, he was clicking something altogether different.  It really helps if you stop, read directions, and dont just go madly clicking away.  Anyway, I am enjoying this time of easy peasy classes.

So, the van fundraiser.  We are about $8,000 away from the purchase price of the van.  Then we still need money to pay for the taxes, tabs, and registration.  We have two months to get there and Im not really worried, but it is a shame to get so close and still not reach goal.  What I dont understand is how other journalists can seek out and raise money from everything for diabetic supplies to debt repayment and we barely scratch the surface to get Bob his freedom and mobility restored.  Im not bitter, just struggling with the dichotomy

What am I frustrated with today?  Why thank you for asking.  I am not frustrated with Valentine’s Day.  I like it.  Its been around for many more years than Hallmark, so its not one of you made up Hallmark holidays.  And its a good day to celebrate love in all its forms; parental, familial, friendship, sensual, sexual, etc.  Why can we not make it also a day about treating your fellow man better and looking out for the needs of others before the needs of yourself?  For instance, is it too much to ask that if you are getting onto the elevator that you stand a few inches away from the door and wait maybe 10 seconds before lumbering past the door?  There are some people that would like to exit said elevator and its hard to get off if 2-3 large men are fighting to be the first ones on.  Also, when parking at the mall, is it too much to ask that you just park where ever you see a spot be it far or close?  I did not enjoy sitting behind the large SUV on Saturday afternoon while they waited for someone to return to their car. Bob and I were trying to get to the handicapped spots up close but had to sit behind a gigantic truck in the middle of the lane.  They just sat there waiting for someone to return to a closely parked vehicle.  In the meantime, all the people who parked way in the back had already entered the mall and were toasty warm and shopping.  Can we please return to the practice of good manners and kindness towards your fellow man?  I think Valentines Day is as good a day as any to start.  Join me, wont you?


bekah said...

You need to adjust the "main" page size in your HTML template, or adjust the "content" to be smaller (which will probably be the easiest way). At least, that's my guess. :-)

Dawn from PA said...

Just a thought--- have you thought about contacting your local newspaper about maybe doing a story about Bob and the need for the van? Perhaps they could do a human interest story on him, and maybe people would be moved to help raise the remainder of the funds for the van. I don't know if they'd take story suggestions for something like this, but it's worth a try. Just my 2 cents.

#1 Dancer said...

I'm adding to what Bekah just said. I just fixed another friends. If you exceed the line width in a post, it'll knock the side bar to the bottom. Go back to the offending post (looks like it's the asterisks on Feb. 8th's post) and delete some of those out. That should reduce your main body width and bring your side bar back up.
BTW, found you through Heather. I think we're partners in infertility. I'm going to check out your archives and see what you're up to!