Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm Still S-i-i-i-ic-c-c-c-k-k-k-k

I am still sick. However, I went to work today. Everyone in my office works while sick. If you take a PTO day as a sick day, there is a subtle peer pressure influence that says you are a sissy. And yet there were a couple of people who told me to just go home. Neither of those people was my boss or her boss, so I toughed it out and stayed. Even when I was shivering and felt freezing. Even when I put on my down winter coat and extra long scarf and was still shivering. Even when I could barely keep my eyes open or my nasal passages unplugged. So today I played hurt and it was the longest day ever.

Even still, I kept my appointment at Simply to the Table to make this month’s meals ‘O plenty. And a funny thing happened. As I made our meals and talked and bantered with Colleen and Holly, I began to feel better. Laughter (and good food) is truly the best medicine.

This month’s offerings are favorites from previous months. Holly calls the menu, “February Favorites”. So this month we have Pesto chicken pizza, mushroom twice bakes, beef and barley stew, apricot pork shoulder, ranchy chicken and noodles, turkey alfredo, smothered chicken, and two others I can’t remember right now. Hee. Tomorrow night we are having the ranchy chicken. If I haven’t said it before (and even if I have) I LOVE Simply To The Table. I have to admit that before I went back, I checked out a couple of other make and take places and am happy that I stuck with STTT. The others don’t offer as many meals (9) and charge almost $40 more. So, yay me!

Saturday is our walk. We have to raise a little over $12,000 still in order to have enough money to get the van, pay the taxes, and order the tabs. It seems like a lot, but we have already raised about a third of the total. Please consider sponsoring us.

Bob got a call from the lawyer who issued the subpoena and he doesn’t have to appear in court at all. The guy plead guilty and it’s all said and done. That very weird chapter in our lives is over.

My nose is so stuffy right now. I hope it doesn’t keep me awake. What might keep me awake is the memory of the horrible dreams I had last night. I dreamt that I was enamored of a man I loathe. In my dream we had sex and were a “couple” and yet in real life I can’t stand this guy. In fact, I haven’t seen or thought about him for years and then all of a sudden he pops up in my dreams. What is that all about?

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B.E.C.K. said...

Ugh. Being sick is no fun. I'm sick right now with something that sounds the same as what you have. When I worked in aerospace, there was definitely a culture of suck-it-up-ness and folks who took more than one sick day at a time were thought to be abusing the system. What the heck is up with that?? One time when I had the flu big-time, I called in sick, all phlegmy-sounding and raspy and my boss said, "Well, we'll see you tomorrow." Ridiculous. It would make more sense for companies to lighten up about sick days, so the sickies could stay home and avoid getting other people sick. This isn't directed at you, BTW. It's just that corporate culture can be so self-defeating. I hope you're feeling better soon!