Thursday, February 09, 2006

Winter Is Back

It is snowing here and that is causing all sorts of traffic havoc. Apparently because its so cold, the snow is falling, melting on the well-traveled roads, and then freezing. Traffic is at a stand still in some areas. It is days like these that make me glad I live 2 miles away and dont have to brave our fabulous freeway system.

I feel much better today. Finally. Although right after lunch I felt like I hit a wall and needed to take a nap. However, I braved it through and feel better again. I am very snarfy and mucous-y though. I went through one small box of Kleenex in one day and my nose is raw from blowing it, even though we use the tissues with lotion.

Bob is still not feeling 100%. I think he may be lactose intolerant or have IBS. He eats dairy and his tummy just rumbles and cramps. He has bathroom issues anyway because of the morphine he takes for pain. Its not known for the loosening of the bowels. Poor guy.

Still no word from the Life Insurance Company. I will be bringing the phone numbers with me to work tomorrow and calling every and anyone during my breaks. They have not heard the last from me.

We also have not yet received our federal tax refund in our account. It only took 3 days to get our state refund. Its been 9 business days and we should see it any day now, I would suspect. I may have Bob call our tax guy just to see if there is any hold up. We could use the cash.

Speaking of cash, anyone have any good Valentines day ideas for men? I have LOTS of ideas for Bob for me, but none for me for him. Leave me a comment if you have an idea.

Speaking of good gift ideas, one of our local liquor stores is selling wine scented candles. They come in Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and others. Doesnt that sound like fun? If you live in the area, check out Haskells Liquor Stores.

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Anonymous said...

Does he like chocolate?? Get a gift bag and put in some of his favorite ones...then go and purchase a cute filmy nightie (doesn't have to be expensive!) and put that in there as well with maybe some massage oil then see what happens. I was going to say something else...but this may be a family-friendly post. ;-)
Best wishes on your family and friends giving to the cause! If they haven't~they should consider that someday they might be on the "getting/needing" side!