Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doctors, doctors everywhere

As I type this Bob is at the hospital preparing for his sleep study. He did not want to go, but I made him. It really is for his own good and I think it will help in the long run. He called me when he got there and said that though he was nervous, he thought it was going to be OK because the room was very much like a hotel room. They even have a sleep number bed! I hope he does OK because sleeping isn't something that normally goes well for him even on the best of nights.

Bob met with a cardiologist this morning who took 8 vials of blood and is going to schedule him for some test involving threading a catheter through his heart. Yeah, that one kind of threw us for a loop. They are going to call us to schedule. They really wanted to do it today but I wasn't able to accompany Bob and he needs someone to take him home since they will be sedating him. It's our busy time at work and things have been frustrating but my boss was really understanding and said "Family first." So at least that's good.

I had my own doctor's appointment on Tuesday. The nurse that met with me prior asked, "So, are you looking forward to a pap smear today?", not looking forward to it, but planning on it, yes. I actually felt really looked after at this appointment. The doctor took a long time with me. After the nurse left, the doctor asked me a bunch of questions. Two of which brought tears to my eyes. I cried. I cried when the doctor asked me questions. I cried when she asked me how the infertility treatments were going. I cried when she asked me if I've been struggling again with depression. I am a dork. But I got a new prescription for Celexa out of the deal, so that's good.

The doctor was starting my exam and asked if I'd ever noticed discharge. I told her only during ovulation and menstruation and as soon as the words left my mouth, she said she noticed some discharge and wanted to get it looked at in case it was from an infection. Oh. Great. She also said the benign cyst on my labia wall is bigger than it was last time and did I want it removed? Um, not today thanks. She said if it begins to hurt, itch, or otherwise bother me I can just come in to get it removed.

After all the fun stuff, I had to go to the lab to give up some blood. They are checking everything...thyroid, iron levels, vitamin D levels, cholesterol, blood glucose, etc. I haven't had a call so I'm assuming things are fine and I'll just get a nice little letter in the mail. I just need to schedule my mammogram and then I'll be in tip top shape.

In job searching news I emailed the hiring manager for one of the jobs I applied for and was told that he was actually hiring a temp to hire person for the post but due to hiring regulations, he had to post the position on our work job board. Turns out this is why I am never asked for interviews because this is a very common practice.

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