Sunday, March 16, 2008

Houses of Worship

I went to church today. I didn't go to the fancy church this Sunday. Instead, I went to a church not far from us that features "Hip Hop Sunday". The third Sunday of the month is deemed Hip Hop Sunday and that was today. I have to say the service was awesome. During the worship portion of the service they sang songs in an R&B and hip hop fashion. During the singing, there were break dancers dancing and a graffiti artist painting a backdrop. They also had both a woman and a man separately share their own raps with us. Finally, under the pretense of honoring a hard working children's ministry volunteer, a young man proposed to his love. It was an awesome service. I felt instantly at home.

The differences between this church and Fancy Church are night and day. Fancy church has its own fancy church building while HH church meets in the auditorium of a neighborhood school. Fancy church has a slickly produced service while HH church has a well-organized but more noticeably laid back service. The ushers and greeters at Fancy church wear suits, ties, and dresses. The ushers and greeters at HH church wore t-shirts and jeans.

There are some similarities between the two churches thought. Hip Hop church and Fancy church both have large, diverse congregations. They both have people in the parking lot directing traffic and parking. They both feature small groups during the week to foster friendship and family. Also, interestingly, both pastors are speaking on the blessing of God. However, Fancy church pastor seems to be equating blessing with physical, tangible things while Hip Hop church pastor is associating it with the gift you can't see and then the relationship between God and man. Still, both are houses of worship doing their best to minister to their congregations and the world. I still feel more comfortable at HH church though.

I will leave you with photos of the service today.

Hip hop worship team in motion
Worship leader up close
The worship team on stage
Hip hop dancer in worshipDancer and graffiti artistDancer and worship leaderSharing a personal readingThe biblical MCPastor Efrem Smith


LAP said...

This church sounds so fun and vibrant! I might have to take the girls to a mass there, because they might be engaged for the entire service...

Yvonne said...

The HH Church sounds like it would fill my spirit.

black and white and read all over said...

HH Church sounds cool, and looks like it would draw the young people in too. My vote is for HH church, not snooty overdressed church!