Thursday, March 27, 2008


Still no word about the job. I hate waiting. I told Bob that if I get the job, the waiting will be worth it but if I don't...well, it wasn't so much worth it.

Bob has his pulmonary function tests tomorrow and is meeting with his pulmonologist. I won't be joining him on this trip since this is our busiest time of year at work. Hopefully, these will be the very last of his tests. He meets with his regular, primary care physician in 2 weeks to go over everything once and for all and that should be it. He is ready to be done with all the doctoring.

Bob and I thought that we might take the high speed ferry across Lake Michigan this summer when we go to Michigan on vacation. However, I just looked up the fares and I had to laugh. Yes, it's a pain in the butt to drive around the giant lake, but we will be doing that instead of paying $260 for a one way trip across the lake. The gas, as expensive as it is, will be cheaper than that!

Next weekend is a fast trip back to the hometown for a wedding. It should be loads of fun and I can't wait. We have 3 weddings this spring/summer and all the showers in between. I really like weddings and the people getting married are among my favorite people ever.

I am actually kind of looking forward to the Resolve support group meeting. I'm just bummed that I have to wait a whole month to attend. The woman I talked to last night was so nice. She ended up not having any children herself but said their group's rate of ending up with a baby is 97%! Most people end up using adoption or medical intervention, but that's a great ratio, huh? I am just looking forward to meeting people in the same boat. People who understand. People who can relate to my increasing fear and trepidation of the rapidly approaching Mother's Day.

We heard a robin singing tonight! Spring in around the corner.

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jnn said...

I rode that ferry once.... I did not pay - work did. It was cheaper that flying/renting a car, and FASTER than driving all the way around. It was pretty cool - but not sure I'd do it on my dime though.