Thursday, March 20, 2008

Patience of a Patient

Bob is a bad patient. Of course I don't blame him after all the doctors he's seen and all the poking and prodding that's been done to him.
He has really resisted the test he's taking today. I got off work at noon, came home, had lunch, and the whole time he groused and griped about having to have this test. It got worse when we got to the hospital. We had to wait for a long time. He was mad about that. Then we found out that we were waiting because they had had several emergency heart patients to care for. Bob felt bad about griping after that. Still, for a 2:30 appointment, they didn't take him back to the procedure room until 3:45.
I am typing this from the hospital waiting room. I wish I could have gone into the procedure room with him so I could hold his hand or something.
They told him that they will be sticking a catheter down his artery into his heart. They are also going to be doing a bubble test of some kind. Once they get the results of these tests, his doctor should be able to prescribe a medicine to help even out the pressure between his lungs and heart.
It is my hope that after this, his sleep study on Monday, and the appointment with his pulmonologist next week Bob will be done with all the tests and will be on his way to better health and a good, sound treatment.

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